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4 Future Career Options Your Teen Can Consider that Don’t Require College

For many people, one of the biggest decisions to make is what to do after high school. While going to college is often the natural choice, the drastically rising costs of higher education are making people consider other options. There are four great career options that provide low unemployment and high pay that do not require a college degree.


Handyman Jobs

One type of job that can provide great career potential and does not require a college degree are handyman jobs. Handyman jobs, which can include becoming a plumber, often do not require a college degree. Instead, you could spend a year in trade school learning more about the field and then get an apprenticeship in which you would receive on the job paid training. After completing the apprenticeship, you can become fully certified and will have many career opportunities available.


Healthcare Jobs

Those that are looking for a career in healthcare will also find that there are many job options that do not require a college degree. In many states, as opposed to going to a full four-year college, you can go through certified programs in under two years for some top healthcare jobs. Some of the jobs that you can get without a traditional four-year degree include becoming an LPN, a certified nursing assistant, or a dental hygienist.


Postal Service

The third career to consider if you do not want to go to college is to go into the postal service. Postman and other people that work for the postal service are all members of a very strong union that provides fair pay, great benefits, and strong professional support. Once you are in the industry, you will be able to find work anywhere in the country and will have many options for advancement.



If you are naturally good with people and are interested in a career in sales, there will be many career options available to you. Sales professionals are hired by a wide range of employers including retail outlets, pharmaceutical companies, and major corporations. While some employers do require a degree for new salespeople, once you have developed a reputation for building business and have a proven track record, your services will continue to be in demand.

When you are looking for an alternative to going to a traditional four-year college, there are many other career options to choose from. There are four particular career paths that should be considered. These career options provide good pay, plenty of job security, and will allow you to start earning a strong income before you even turn 20 years old.

Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.