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On-Time Delivery: Why It is Important to the Success of Your Business

In our modern world of immediate gratification, it’s more crucial than ever to make your deliveries on time to garner the loyalty of your customers. The ability of a company to make a delivery promise and keep that promise serves as the bedrock of a solid business that customers view as relevant, responsible and trustworthy.

Even established companies have to maintain their adherence to delivery schedules. With so many options available to customers, the failure to deliver as promised can be the factor that makes a customer choose another company.


Strengthen Your Brand

On-time delivery is an exceptional way to increase your brand awareness. When you deliver quickly, customers are more willing to forgive issues with an order. The fast delivery sends the message that you’re a reliable company and any issue was an anomaly that won’t happen on a regular basis.

Customers are more willing to forgive responsive companies, provided any issues with the product are promptly rectified. The ability to increase your company’s reputation through on-time delivery is a tried and true technique that the best companies bend over backward to implement in a consistent way.


Improve Customer Confidence

Not only does a fast, on-time delivery make your customers more forgiving of potential problems, it also starts a conversation with your customers. If a customer knows they can get a product delivered quickly, they are more likely to conduct as much business as possible with one company.

A company that offers a good price on their products but doesn’t deliver on-time may only get service when the customer is in a position to wait for a product. In many cases, if the customer can get the product more quickly from another company, they are willing to pay a little extra for that convenience.


Customize Your Fleet

If you have a local business presence, it’s even better if you use your own delivery service. When the customer has a chance to get to know who delivers their products, a real relationship begins to form. The customer begins to associate the face of the company with the delivery driver.

Companies like Fremont Contract Carriers specialize in helping companies deliver consumer, food, retail, manufacturing and construction products. The company has a high success rate because of its ability to accurately manage their customer’s expectations. Your company should be striving to do the same thing with guaranteed on-time delivery.


Improving Overall Efficiency

Product kept on your shelf for even a day longer than necessary results in lost profits. The moment a product is ordered, your company needs a system in place to efficiently process that order. If a customer orders a product from you and expects it to arrive at a certain date and time, your company may end up costing the customer money if you don’t deliver as promised.

If the customer stays with you, they may end up ordering in bulk in the future to avoid running out of a product. While this may seem like a good thing to your company, bulk orders leave too much time between the customer receiving the product and their next order. The result is that you risk losing your customer to another company during the absence.


A company that can deliver quickly will have customers that order more regularly and at shorter intervals. This reduces the chance of the customer going elsewhere, and it makes it easier to manage your inventory.

In the end, the efficiency of your business has a direct impact on your profits. If you want regular customers who keep your company at the front of their minds, then you need to make sure you can deliver quickly and on-time. Customers will trust you more with their business, and you’ll develop loyal customer relationships that are profitable for everyone involved.

Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.