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Tailoring Your Business: 5 Tips to Use Customer Data to Take Your Company to the Next Level

The ability of a company to make use of customer data is one of the major factors that stand between them and the achievement of commercial success. Customer data is the path of information that consumers leave behind as a result of their purchasing habits either online or in store. This data includes buying habits, names, contacts details and firsthand information and responses through surveys. Here are five ways a company can use customer data to improve their business.


Creating New Products

Researching trends in consumer data allow companies to identify a niche for specific products that a customer is likely to want to be based on their previous purchases. A company can also use data from the survey to determine the effectiveness of their products. It can help them know what to improve their current product or whether there is an opportunity for a new complementary product to increase customer satisfaction. For example the invention of gel insoles for shoes. This information can also help companies create new services when there is an increase in demand for one.


Improve Marketing Strategies

Analyzing and understanding consumer behavior allows a company to tailor make appropriate marketing campaigns that target the desired customers. Once you are done collecting data, you can understand the consumer’s preferences and help the company know the best channel to market their product, such as billboard campaign location, the timing of TV and radio ads, and also online advertising, depending on demographics of the target audience. Using customer data also helps businesses create automated marketing strategies that can follow trends; assisting companies to identify new leads, giving them a foot forward to make use of the upcoming opportunities in the market. Website clicks and analysis of store purchases in real-time can show what marketing promotions are working, which need withdrawal, and different designs.


Provision of Better Customer Service

Customer data can help businesses create better and more personalized responses to customer queries about their services. By analyzing their historical data purchase trail, they can identify common occurring possible problems and fix them beforehand. The data can also help companies create better, more personalized shopping experience. It increases customer satisfaction which will intern ensure long-term customer loyalty. Businesses can also create better promotions either online or in store by analyzing consumer purchase trends. Using customer location data helps companies to know the best position for their physical store and optimize display depending on consumer preferences.


Improve a Company’s Effectiveness and Efficiency

Understanding how best to use customer data can help save time and resources for any business. By tailoring highly effective systems that adequately consider the needs of the customers, can reduce unnecessary risks and investments leading to better cost-saving practices. Focusing on customer feedback and not necessarily the bottom line can help an organization make better decisions about their products and services. It leads to tailor-made solutions for their customers and hence increases sales and profits. Platforms such as ObjectRocket help businesses make sense of their consumer data in a fast and efficient way allowing the company to improve their services in real time.


Creating Shareable Information

Data collected from customers can be beneficial in the statistical analysis of a company, a market trend or a specific product. It helps a company present the data in simple infographics which they can use to help the consumers understand more about the company, the product or service. This information allows the consumers to understand the business better. You develop a good reputation hence more support and favor with the customers. The infographics created can also be used to generate an online buzz about the business while sharing helpful information with others.


It is vital for businesses to respect customer’s personal information as they trust the company not to misuse the info leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. When done right the benefits of the consumer information to the businesses bottom-line outweighs the risks. As a result, your clients are more satisfied, and your profit margins rise.

Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.