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How to Set Your Employees up for Success When They Travel for Business Purposes

If your employees are traveling to other company locations in other states or countries or even if they are being sent off to other companies for negotiation or partnership purposes, it’s important to set them up for success. Here are just several things that your business can do to ensure that they travel on behalf of your company without too many obstacles that could hinder their mission.

Provide Them with Comfortable Accommodations

This can be anything from allowing them to ride in a limo to putting them up in a luxury hotel for the duration of their stay. When your people are allowed to travel in comfort, they will sleep better and generally be less stressed when talking with clients. Furthermore, your people will likely enjoy traveling when they get the best accommodations, which means that they will try harder to earn future trips and, therefore, do better on the tasks—presentations, negotiations, etc.—that you have given them while traveling.

Give Them Technological Equipment That is Easy to Use on the Go

When your employees are traveling, it’s important that they have access to equipment that is similar to what they would have in the office. However, it can be difficult to pack up all of that and take it with you. Thankfully, there are companies like that specialize in mobile equipment. If your employee needs a laptop, for example, you’ll want to get them one, such as a NYC panasonic toughbook, that is durable. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry too much about the equipment you send with them being too fragile.

Send Individuals Who Understand the Culture

Ideally, you will send a salesperson who speaks Spanish to a conference in South America. If a meeting is taking place in Europe or Asia, then you might benefit from having someone who understands European or Asian culture attend it. Doing so may eliminate the chance that an individual offends a client or makes other mistakes that could result in a deal being scuttled.

Don’t Send Someone Who Is Nervous About Traveling

A person who is great at selling or closing deals may also be scared of flying or of visiting a certain region of the world. Sending a person who is focused more on his or her surroundings as opposed to closing a deal may not be effective on a given trip. Instead, send someone who is eager for the opportunity to meet new people and develop his or her resume at the same time.

You want to give your people the best chance to succeed at all times. By staying in contact with them and putting them in situations where they feel comfortable, your people are more likely to obtain quality results. This can both increase sales and lead to lasting relationships with other companies.

Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.