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Not Using Video for Business Marketing? This is What You’re Missing Out On

If you are not using videos in your online marketing efforts, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to connect with your target audience in a highly effective way. Videos can be posted directly to your website, and many companies have enjoyed a great response by adding a short video in a central location on the homepage. You can also link to your videos in articles or through social media marketing. You can even embed a link to a marketing video in your direct email campaigns. While there are many ways to market using videos, you may be wondering why you would want to make this effort.


The Ability to Expand Your Reach

In order to understand why you should be using video marketing to target your consumers, you need to understand the incredible reach videos have through a wide range of markets. Consider that YouTube has more than one billion users, and this website is entirely dedicated to video content. YouTube followers watch more than 500 million hours of content each day, and more than 45 percent of people in general watch at least an hour of FaceBook videos per day. This includes business marketing videos. You can see that many people are spending time watching videos online, and this is a captivated and interested audience that you could be targeting and benefiting from as well.


The Benefit of Communicating Effectively

When you are looking for effective ways to communicate with your target audience, video marketing is a critical format to consider. For example, Vasayo’s Dallin Larsen has created numerous YouTube videos, and some videos are even found directly on his website. This knowledgeable entrepreneur speaks eloquently and is able to convey his messages with great results through videos posted in various locations online. Remember that pictures can speak a thousand words, but video adds animation, context and audio elements to pictures for even more profound results. This makes video a highly effective way to communicate with your target audience.


The Ability to Reach Millennials Effectively

Many companies would love to expand their reach to millennials, but they have a hard time reaching this group of individuals. This group of younger adults has unique behaviors that make some traditional marketing methods rather ineffective. However, millennials are the group of individuals who watch more online videos than any other group. More than that, millennial men, who are very difficult to market to, watch far more videos than millennial women. If you have been looking for an effective way to communicate with this hot market segment, online videos are an excellent platform to consider using.


The Option to Target Mobile Consumers

It is important to note that more than half of all marketing videos are viewed on mobile devices. Many consumers spend more time with their phone in their hand each day than they spend surfing the Internet on a computer or laptop. The ability to connect in an effective with mobile users from any location where they may be is critical, and this is one of the most effective forms of marketing that you can use to target mobile audiences. In some cases, you can even sway immediate buying decisions through videos watched on mobile devices.


Some companies are already actively using video marketing with incredible results, but others have never ventured into this realm. Online videos can be produced with quality in mind on a budget, and they can be uploaded with minimal or no cost as well. You can see that you can reach an incredible number of users in a direct and affordable way through video marketing. With this in mind, now may be the right time to start exploring video marketing for your business.

Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.