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How Do Marketing and Advertising Work Together?

At first glance, marketing and advertising seem like the same thing. However, marketing focuses on what a company will say to a consumer while advertising focuses more on how to deliver that message to the public. How do these two departments work together to help a company make money?


Consumer Decisions

Marketing is about creating a message that resonates with people. For instance, the marketing department might be responsible for coming up with a slogan or a logo for the company. The advertising department may then tweak the colors of the logo or change the wording of a marketing message to make it sound good on television, radio or online. The advertising department may also decide how an ad is arranged and placed on a website or in a magazine.


Educated Professionals

If you want to work in the marketing or advertising department of a company, you will first need to get your degree. After finishing your undergraduate studies, it is a good idea to go on for a master’s degree in business administration. Whether you go to a physical classroom or study online, it can help you learn more about how each department plays a vital role in helping a company get and remain profitable. It is possible that your employer will even pay for some or all of your tuition.


Professional Marketing

Typically, the advertising department will actually buy ad space in a magazine or newspaper. They may also participate in auctions for online ad space or ad space on search engines. From there, the marketing department will design an ad campaign based on the format that they are advertising on. For instance, the marketing department may create stories for online native advertisements while focusing on shorter blurbs for billboards or print ads. Typically, the marketing department will have a say as to where the company advertises and how much should be spent on advertising.

Advertising and marketing both play vital roles within an organization. While they may have different roles in terms of increasing brand visibility, they must work together to do so while keeping costs in check and return on investment high. If you want to work in either field, it is critical that you get your degree and have an ability work with multiple departments in your company.

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