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Internal Factors and Their Influence On Your Business Success

When speaking about business success, most people focus on external factors like digital marketing, customer service and B2B relationships. In truth, this is just one piece of the puzzle. The other half is the way the internal structure of your business works. Teambuilding, company policies and the layout of the office space are just some of the factors that affect the way in which your business operates. With this in mind, here are few things you should pay special attention to.


Fraternization with Employees

First thing’s first, anyone who has ever run a business knows that being friends with your employees usually brings more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, there is nothing wrong with letting your employees know you care about them, but they should also be aware that you are their boss and not their buddy. This is one of the cornerstones of egalitarianism in the office since without close personal relationships, there will be no bias. Sure, you are not a robot and you will always like some people more than others, but as long as this can’t be noticed on a professional level, it’s all fine.


Authority Is Not Authoritarianism

The respect of your employees is another important topic, but so is the way you earn it. The source of this respect should always be their image of you as a leader and an authority in that particular business niche. It should never come from fear. By being authoritarian in the office, you will seriously harm your company’s internal communication efforts. In other words, people will avoid telling you about a potentially significant problem in order not to anger you. Make it clear that you are there for them 24/7 and that if there is anything that bothers them in the workplace they should talk to you.

Furthermore, according to most surveys, millennials are more likely to quit because of the boss rather than workplace or the size of the paycheck. Sometimes, this results in losing prized employees (those you deem irreplaceable).


The Customer is not Always Right

One of the greatest myths in the business world is that the customer is always right. Well, this is simply not true and there is no easier way to turn your staff against you. Sure, paying customer is a priority, but there is a line that you simply shouldn’t allow them to cross. Make it clear that as long as they act in the boundaries of decency all of their problems will be resolved. However, as soon as they start belittling your employees you need to support your team 100 percent.


Neat Work Environment is Efficient Work Environment

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that human brain is a complex mechanism and it reacts differently to outside stimuli. It has been noticed that people find it easier to focus in neat than in messy environment, which is something you definitely want to consider. Some companies hire people to deal this in-house, but others outsource to businesses that specialize in cleaning. Both have their flaws and advantages, but according to most commercial cleaning companies, handling this in-house requires considerable initial investment in cleaning supplies and equipment. This is why startups and SMBs usually go with this option.


Say No to Cubicles

Just a few decades ago, cubicles represented the cornerstone of any well-designed office. Unfortunately, today we know that their effect is not as beneficial as it was believed to be. You see, each cubicle gives its resident a great deal of privacy, but this allows for slackers to slack more and productive workers to feel isolated from the rest of their colleagues. It goes without saying that the effects of this on team building may be completely devastating. Keep your office open, but make a layout that allows people at least some degree of privacy. The sheer thought that everyone can see your screen is not a comforting one even if you aren’t doing anything sketchy.


Vertical Mobility

Next, you need to realize that money is not the only incentive you can offer to your employees. Those most ambitious ones are more interested in learning the secrets of the trade and encountering new professional challenges. This is why they are more interested in prospects of vertical mobility than anything else. If you lead the type of company where they can’t hope to advance far beyond their current position, those most promising ones are bound to leave you at the first opportunity. Still, if you manage to create a hierarchical structure where they can climb to the top, they may turn down numerous lucrative offers and stick with you until the very end.



Finally, no list is long enough to name all the internal factors that can influence your business success. Things like workplace distractions, hygiene and company brand can also carry a lot of weight. Still, not all of the aforementioned are as efficient (or even as applicable) in every business niche. It is up to you alone to wait and see what works best in your case.


Ian Pearson

Aside from primary area of interest and expertise in business consulting, Ian could be tagged also as a passionate sports fan, nature and photography enthusiast, always trying to keep up to date with tech innovations and development.