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How to Go from Startup to Success

Starting and growing a new business is an experience unlike any other. Though it will take time and effort and often seem frustrating, this process is essential to reaching your personal goals as an entrepreneur. The process can also be sped up and made easier if you have some idea of what you are doing in advance. Here are four of the most essential tips you should follow to take your business from a brand-new startup to a full-blown success.


Focus on Audience and Reach from Day One

No matter how incredible your product or service is, it’s worthless if no one knows it exists. This is why you need to focus on building an audience and increasing your ability to reach new customers from the very beginning. To start off, begin creating content on multiple platforms that will help new people find out about your business.

Some of the key platforms you should focus on are, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and your own website’s blog. Beyond these, you can use contributor blogging platforms, such as, to promote your product. The more platforms you’re active on, the more your brand’s organic reach will grow over time.


Have a Scaling Plan in Place

Though your business will start out small, you need to recognize that it (hopefully) won’t stay that way for long. This means that you need to have the infrastructure and workforce in place to scale it up as necessary. Be prepared to make more of your product and have the support staff in place to distribute it efficiently as demand increases. You should also consider outsourcing some routine tasks, such as packaging or marketing, to outside companies. This will allow you to scale up quickly without needing to put all of the scaling infrastructures into place yourself.


Pursue Growth Actively

Though a degree of business growth will occur as more people hear about your brand through content, advertising and word of mouth, becoming truly successful will take more than passively letting this slow growth occur. Instead, you need to be actively seeking out ways to expand your business and your marketing efforts more quickly. For instance, to help grow your audience quickly, you might reach out to influencers who would be willing to promote your products or services to their audiences.

This is a fast and lean way of reaching more people. Find similar activities that will help you expand your production, increase your capacity for fulfillment and allow you to process more service requests. If you keep looking for and engaging with new opportunities to grow your business, you’ll quickly discover what works for your business and be able to focus your efforts on the most productive growth methods.


Expand Your Product Line

As a startup, your business will likely offer a small core set of products or services. As you expand, though, you’ll be able to increase your sales by offering different variations or creating entirely new products. By doing this, you’ll be able to serve more customers and make it more difficult for competitors to take sales away from you. Though your investment in new product development shouldn’t be so high that it compromises your profitability, you should always keep at least some resources available for creating, producing and marketing new products.

By following these four tips, you’ll be able to accelerate the growth of your business and gradually build it toward being established, successful and profitable. Remember that even a successful and globally recognized company can be the victim of misinformation, like during the supposed ACN scam. Always remember to focus on the fundamental process of creating great products and giving customers excellent service and support, as these are the pillars of a successful enterprise.

Kara Masterson

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.