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How to Get Your First Customer

It can be tough trying to get the first client or customer and get your business going. Don’t give up, here are a few ideas that can get you the first of hopefully many more to come.


Use your personal network

Many forget you have your own personal network of friends and family and they also have friends and family.  Start with the people you are most comfortable talking to and let them know what your business or products and services are about. Even if they themselves aren’t looking to be your customer or client, they will keep you in mind when they run across someone who is. And don’t forget about using social media, you have hundreds of “friends” you can announce your new business to.


Focus on the value you provide

Focus on what value you offer that’s better or different than your better-known competitors. After you first go into business and are talking to potential customers, you might get those “judgy” questions such as, “How long have you been in business?”. If your new business has to do with a field you are very knowledgeable in, use your experience as an advantage because that is a way to build credibility with those who may be hesitant in doing business with you.


Partner with others to build credibility

Is there a company that your potential customers already know and trust? Maybe you can do some contract work for that company and build up a clientele that way. If your area of business is talked about online all of the time, reach out to bloggers and vloggers to send them free samples of your product or service so they can get the word out to their audience about your business from a person they already trust.


Give free Samples

When starting your business you can create some buzz by giving people free samples of your awesome product. Let your product do the work in building instant credibility, you can even start with giving your friends and family samples and that way you can get feedback as well, in case you need to make tweaks. Don’t offer a product but instead, a service? No worries, perform a few services at no charge and get testimonials to gain credibility that way.


Bottom line is, your customer is out there looking for you, just don’t be afraid to do the ground work to find them.

L’oréal Hunter

L’oréal is the Editor aka Blog Baroness of the Greensheet Blog and enjoys writing and traveling in her spare time. She has a background in developing, coordinating, and managing a wide range of digital content for small and large companies.