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Business Success Stories: Eye Center of Houston


CEO/Founder: Dr. Faheem Inayatali Therapeutic Optometrist

Company Name:  Eye Center of Houston, Vision Source

Company Address: 10101 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77036                                            

Company Phone: 713-777-2020

Web Site URL:

# of Locations: 1

# of Employees: 8

Tell us a little bit about your business? The Eye Center of Houston was founded on the premise of providing concierge eye care using the latest technology and individualized attention. Our slogan is “Eye Care with a Personal Touch” because our staff delivers superior care to patients by meeting their unexpected needs. We model our hospitality from Walt Disney with a warm and inviting environment.


What is the single most important piece of advice you would give someone starting a business? With technology at your fingertips, there is no reason that you cannot aim for the stars and utilize creativity to achieve renditions of high-end veneers on any budget for the business. As a doctor and entrepreneur, I quickly realized that I was “on call” for both my patients and the practice.


How did/does Greensheet Media help you with your business goals? The Greensheet has opened avenues that bridge the gap between various Houston areas and the practice. The Greensheet’s influence has precipitously grown our patient database since they often reference the credibility of The Greensheet and gravitate towards its patrons.

Why did you start your business? Planning to open a private practice felt natural and intuitive due to proper planning. Opening an optometry practice cold was challenging but cultivated my passion towards healthcare and entrepreneurship simultaneously. One of the primary reasons for attaining an MBA from Rice University was to further advance my creative marketing strategies and blueprints for business development.


What was the most challenging aspect of starting your business? The mind never quite shuts down, sometimes even on vacation. This voluntary obligation that follows along as a business owner can be overwhelming at times. While I love every minute of it, it’s always important to plan days to reflect and step away from the business.


What keeps you motivated to continue your business? Tracking growth and positive patient feedback. Our most common comments received from patients involve our high level of technology and our thoroughness in our examination process. Each patient goes through a 10-step pretesting protocol that collects data and maps out the cornea, retina, and primary visual components of their eyes. This analysis helps to prescribe for the best visual outcome and preventative eye care for the patient.


What kind of mindset do you need to have to be a business owner? Be ready for anything and everything. Every decision, whether it has been medical or business related has kept me on my toes. Understand your capabilities and never stop learning. While I attend over 20-30 hours of continuing education for my profession, I also network with colleagues and understand best practices for the business and use creativity to fill in any gaps.


Describe a typical day for you at your business. I come to the office around 8am to finish paperwork and update our marketing calendar. My staff and I see patients from 9:30am-5:30pm. We complete diagnostic reports and paperwork until 6:30pm. On our weekends, we enjoy social events and community outreach programs outside of the office as well.


What is the best way to achieve long-term success? Keep planning ahead. For every goal I reach, I try to come up with a few others that are realistic. The key element is to remember to take a moment to reflect and enjoy accomplishments along the way.


What types of things do you do to market your business? We communicate with local primary care physicians and provide lunch-and-learns to help doctors and staff from other healthcare offices understand the services and differentiators of our practice. The eye care industry is the only healthcare branch that has both a medical and retail component, both of which require individual marketing attention.


What is the best thing about being a business owner? The best part is walking in the practice every day knowing that everything was created from the ground up, and our reputation as a leader in eye care is due to hard work, dedication, and passion to the profession and business. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the support that I have received to make this possible.


How is your company different from others? Our practice embraces high levels of eye care and expertise using the latest developments. We see children as young as six months of age and specialize in dry eye disease and diabetic eye care. We do not hold back on any technology that could better the outcomes of our patients. Our optical is second to none when it comes to trendy eyewear. Most importantly, we heavily invest in our staff. We have three meetings per week to learn about new trends, diagnostic equipment, and office efficiency protocols. This has been quite transparent for higher level patient care.


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