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5 Great Gifts to Improve Company Morale in the Workplace

Appreciated people work much harder than those who don’t feel the love at work. It’s really that simple. If you value the work your employees do, it pays to show them, tell them, and make them feel the love. When they feel appreciated, they feel good. People who feel good want to continue to feel good, and your employees are going to work hard to recreate that feeling as often as possible. On the flip side, now showing your appreciation can cause a decline in productivity.

If people feel unappreciated at work, they’re less likely to want to work harder. There’s no point since no one cares, right? If you want to improve your workplace, it’s time to start showing employee appreciation. Here are a few creative tips you can enjoy to make this possible when you’re working on boosting employee morale.


Keep Fresh Flowers Around

Fresh flowers make people feel good, and it can boost morale without costing too much money. Companies like Brown Floral who specialize in flower delivery in Salt Lake City can have fresh flowers delivered weekly to help improve the look of the office. This can also moods of everyone in the office. There is nothing ugly about fresh flowers.


Cook Lunch

You can order lunch, but why not bring in a grill and spend a Friday every month cooking a great lunch for your employees? You can make burgers, hot dogs, or anything else. The idea of watching the boss standing outside making everyone lunch for a few hours on a Friday every month makes people feel good. They feel appreciated, and they feel valued watching their boss take time from his own schedule to do something nice for them.


Celebrate Work Anniversaries

When someone has been around long enough to celebrate an anniversary, give them a gift. Bring them coffee in the morning, or just send them lunch. Buy a gift card and hand it over. You don’t have to do much at all when someone has an anniversary, but recognizing they have been there for so long is a great way to improve their morale. It’s simple, but it’s effective.


Provide Great Coffee

You know what might make your employees feel good and boost their morale? A break room with really good coffee and real coffee cups. Not the cheap coffee that tastes like it sounds but the good stuff that costs a little more and makes people feel a little better. Don’t forget to offer different flavors of tea for those who don’t drink coffee. This is a nice daily gift that makes people feel good about their jobs.


Offer Bonuses

You don’t need to give everyone a six-figure bonus at Christmas time, but studies do show people who receive a bonus feel better about their job. They also provide more effort, which translates into the same thing as simply hiring another person. You could save the salary you’d pay to another person by offering a bonus of even a few hundred dollars around Christmas to your employees. They work so much harder when they feel appreciated that you don’t need another employee.


Giving gifts is a nice way to let people know you’re thinking of them, and they don’t need to be expensive. The gifts you give can be small, but they make a wonderful impact on the way people feel. Never forget to show appreciation to those around you. It’s what makes them want to work harder and better. It might even make them feel more loyal, and you might find you have less of a turnover problem when you simply show appreciation.

Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.