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3 Venues That Can Make Your Business Event Larger Than Life

Every time you plan a business event, plan it like you are planning the biggest event of your career. Your guests may have prepared impressive presentations or traveled from far away to attend. You need to make a great first impression on new business associates and impress the ones you already work with every day. The best way to impress is to find the biggest space available and host a larger-than-life event. Here are 3 types of venues that will make this task easy.


Banquet Hall

Holding your business meeting in a banquet hall is usually the first choice. However, renting the smallest, cheapest amount of space is not thinking big. Keep the different sizes in your mind because no two buildings are the same. There are different sizes and amenities available to you. Look for a space with high ceilings that make the room feel larger, sweeping hardwood floors, or doors that lead into other rooms. Also keep in mind what kind of technological requirements you have for presentations and activities.



A stadium is packed with the audiovisual technology you need for huge business endeavors. The speakers are large and loud enough so that everyone can easily hear your presentations. The monitors are wide enough for the people in the far back to see your business slideshows and videos. Look for a Wi-Fi system that makes it easy to browse the Internet and create more interactive experiences for your guests. Stadiums can provide extra space for activities or active presentations that a hotel ballroom might not.

Even the most well-known stadiums are not just places to watch sports games and concerts. Metlife Stadium, for example, has Super Bowl-sized catering services available for any event held there. A stadium may also have additional services like valet drivers, decorations and light shows.


Public Park

Consider hosting your event out in public. An open park venue is the most open and casual idea for a larger-than-life show. Concerts with hundreds of thousands of attendees are usually hosted in public parks. It’s more than likely that there is at least one enormous park for rent near you. Anyone with the money can rent a very large space that could exceed several miles. The main complication to be mindful of is making sure that the weather stays fair on the day.


Planning a big can be a massive undertaking, and should yield massive returns. On your part, it takes money and effort to find a venue that can truly wow your attendees. If you do your homework, you’ll have an impressive, one-time event that your guests will always remember.

Brooke Chaplan

Brooke Chaplan is an avid outdoor enthusiast, writer and blogger. She recently graduated from the University of New Mexico and loves to stay fit by running, hiking and skiing.