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Welcome to a new Greensheet era


Well this is different. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who dash to a convenience store or your favorite restaurant each week to grab a copy of The Greensheet, never have you seen anything like this. You’ve certainly never seen my name (much less the ugly mug), and that’s been just fine with you.

So let me make a quick introduction: On Aug. 31, just a few weeks ago, our company purchased The Greensheet from Helen Gordon Interests. That’s a monumental change in the world of Houston publishing. Gordon, a woman of incredible strength and vision, built The Greensheet into a name that most people hum when they walk through grocery stores. But it was Gordon’s daughter, Kathy Douglass, who steered the ship for the past 25 years. Through Kathy’s leadership, The Greensheet grew into one of the most powerful media businesses in Texas. Soon, editions were opened in Dallas and Austin and then Phoenix.

Kathy gracefully guided this shopping newspaper to the heights of our industry; she also found the resilience to keep the company solvent during the lowest points in the publishing industry. And after a quarter of a century of connecting businesses to buyers, Kathy made the decision to enjoy the wonderful, healthy years that lie ahead of her. That means you’re stuck with me, if you’re a weekly reader of The Greensheet. Actually, you’re stuck with a team of people who can’t keep their feet on the ground because we’re so excited for the opportunity to take this remarkable publication and rebuild one of the most powerful brands in Houston.

Our company (not that it matters to anyone except the CPAs and government) is called MVR Publishing. We are a team that has grown through the ranks of publishing, largely, community newspapers. Some of us owned other newspapers, others have joined our team because they believe in the vision we have for The Greensheet. Along with this newspaper, we own The Leader and the Fort Bend Star in the Houston market, and we own three community newspapers in Charlotte, N.C.

There are no plans to convert The Greensheet into a newspaper filled with stories and sports scores. However, we have tremendous plans to put a new touch on the product you can’t wait to read every week. We are going to introduce more content stories and opinion pieces we hope you anticipate. We’re revamping the digital operations of the company to reflect the immense importance of technology in our lives. Most important, we’re going to find new and innovative ways to do what The Greensheet has always done–connecting businesses with buyers.

Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see changes in this newspaper, and you’re perfectly welcome to send me an email and give me your input. If there are things you’d like to read from a free, city-wide paper, I’m all ears. Meanwhile, our company is humbled by the opportunity to lead a publication that impacts so many people across this city. Thank you for being a reader.


Jonathan McElvy