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Help us help a few families for Christmas

When most people in Houston hear the words “The Greensheet,” they usually think of two specific things.

First, they think about the jingle – the one that has played in grocery stores for years and the one that promises to bring you buyers. That song is so engrained in the music boxes of our brains that few will ever forget it.

Second, The Greensheet was always a place for people to go sell their household goods, or a place to buy a used bike or a random cabinet that fit nicely in a home. Just as that jingle said, The Greensheet has always been a place that does bring you buyers.

Over the years, the publication has definitely changed. More people now place their small items for sale on popular websites. Meanwhile, service and retail businesses that still find a valuable audience in our readers use the pages of this paper to reach potential customers.

Yes, a lot has changed about The Greensheet, but let me tell you about something that hasn’t changed: This company has always had wonderful people who work behind the scenes. From the folks who answer the phones, to those who work with our customers to build marketing plans, to the men and women who get the paper delivered each week, few organizations have such wonderful people working inside its walls.

And this year, the people who work at The Greensheet would like to do something we’ve never done before: We’d like to find families in Houston that can use our help. And that’s where I need your help.

On Dec. 20-21, we’d like to stock The Greensheet van full of clothes and household items and, yes, toys, and we’d like to deliver items to families in the Greater Houston area. We don’t know how many families we can help, but we know we can have a wonderful impact on the lives of people who need and deserve to catch a break.

What we need from you is a little help finding the most deserving families in our great, big area who could use the help, and I’ll offer some criteria for the types of families we’d really like to help.

For starters, we’d like to help families that have children. This is Christmas, after all.

Next, we’d like families that have just had a tough year. Maybe they never recovered from Hurricane Harvey. Or maybe mom and dad both lost a job. Or maybe there’s a single parent who works two jobs and still has a hard time providing for the children.

After that, we’d like the families to really be working to better themselves in life. We’d like to know that the mom or the dad or both of them have made a real effort to provide for their families, but circumstances have made it incredibly difficult this year.

Nearly every person who reads this will know of a family in need, and if we get 10,000 applications, we’ll be delighted to read about them all.

How will this work? Well, we need you to send us an email or a written statement in the mail. In that note, we need you to tell us your name and we need a way to contact you. Most important, though, we need you to send us as much detail as possible about the family you’d like us to support this Christmas.

Tell us names. Tell us about the mom or the dad, and what they’ve gone through this year. The more information you give us, and the more you can tell us about the family, the better chance they’ll have of being selected.

Here are the details:

Please send an email to, and in the subject line, please write “Greensheet Christmas.”

If you’d like to send us something by mail, send it to 2020 North Loop West, Suite 220, Houston, TX 77018 and make it to the attention of Jennifer Cortes.

Our deadline for receiving applications will be Wednesday, Dec. 12. But the sooner you can give us the application, the better for our selection committee.

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me and ask.

We’re looking forward to playing a small hand in helping a few families around Houston this year. I just hope you’ll help us help them.



Jonathan McElvy