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The Greensheet offers much more than print solutions


If you ever want to see real pity in a person’s face, come stand behind me when someone asks what I do for a living.

Last week, that happened about 10 different times in the span of two days. I was introduced to all sorts of random people, and because we had absolutely nothing else to talk about, I was peppered with: “So what do you do for a living?”

The short answer is, “I work in newspapers.”

When I tell people that, I’m immediately met with two synchronized responses. First, the person asking the question has the same look as a person who just saw a squished squirrel on the side of the road. Their eyebrows crinkle and they look away.

Second, and almost simultaneously, the interrogator realizes he just crinkled his brow and tries to play it off by opening his eyes really big and acting excited because once, maybe a decade ago, he looked at a newspaper.

I’ve become immune to this response. If I get asked the question by a 20-something, I just tell the person I work in media. They think I’m cool because I probably have an Instagram account, which I don’t.

If I find someone over 40–and, apparently, there are still a number of those people out there—I tell them all the wonderful attributes that still exist in newspapers. And trust me, there are plenty.

Anyone over 40 knows the role of newspapers in the history of our country. In fact, most of them are smart enough to realize there’s still a wonderful business associated with printing stories and advertisements that better peoples’ lives. And nearly all of them would love to turn off technology for a few minutes and actually hold a piece of paper.

As most of you know by now, our company just bought The Greensheet, and when I tell questioners about that, they still give me the crinkled squirrel look and wonder why I would do such a thing.

First, and what you obviously know because you’re reading this, is that more than 320,000 copies of this paper are picked up every single week. Either a lot of cat containers are being lined, or folks still want to know what’s for sale.

But what you may not know—and what everyone should know—is that The Greensheet is so much more than a print publication. If you’re a small business and need flyers printed, we can do it at the lowest price you’ll find.

We’ve got a graphics team that can build logos, marketing material, and we have relationships with printers that give us a distinct price advantage.

We also have an entire suite of digital products we can manage for your business. If you need a website, someone to handle social media, if you need to reach Google searchers, we can handle that too.

And as we continue our growth, the plan is for The Greensheet to become a full-scale marketing company for small businesses. Whether you need photos, stories, blogs, or any sort of digital expertise, we can do it at a price very few in the market can touch.

We still love our print product around here—because we’re one of the few left who do it, and do it well. But whether you’re trying to reach a buyer who’s 20 or 50, we’ve got you covered. So quit crinkling your brow.


Jonathan McElvy