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No matter whether you still dream of spending every day at the zoo or you have a small zoo of your own at home, there are plenty of careers that involve interacting with animals. Not only are these jobs rewarding and enjoyable, but working with animals can have a myriad of unique health benefits. From helping rescue animals to pampering pricey pooches, these jobs are great for avowed animal lovers.


According to a school for continuing education in Calgary known as “Abes”, the demand for zoo keepers is increasing because the population that has held the zookeeper jobs is retiring at a high rate. Working at a zoo has been the childhood dream of many, and with a certificate in Zoology, you’ll be equipped to spend every day with diverse animals that you’ll fall in love with.


If you are an animal lover with a creative streak, grooming could be a fantastic career option. Groomers work primarily with dogs and cats. These professionals not only ensure pets look their best, but they also address practical concerns like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and dental care.

Shelter Worker

Do you believe every animal deserves a second chance? Plenty of pets end up in the streets every single day, with nowhere to go or call home. Shelter workers help treat injured animals, spread awareness, and find adopters for pets in need. You may even want to consider launching a rescue group of your own!

Doggie Daycare Operator

Many dog owners send their pets to doggie daycare while they work. As the operator of a daycare facility, you work to ensure animals interact well with one another and provide hours of nonstop stimulation. If running around with dogs all day sounds like your version of heaven, you are bound to appreciate the responsibilities of this unique career.

Veterinary Technician

Do you have a great bedside manner? Why not use your love for animals to care for the sick? Veterinary technicians work in animal hospitals and assist veterinarians with various tasks. From drawing blood to giving out medication, working as a veterinary technician allows you to soothe animals who need a caring hand and meet plenty of new faces every day.

Dog Sitter

Many animals feel extreme stress when their owners head out of town. Working as a dog sitter gives you the chance to ease some of that pressure. As a dog sitter, you will feed animals, provide exercise, and above all, serve as a companion to lonely pets.

Animal Rights Advocate

With millions of animals abused and mistreated each year, it is more important than ever to spread awareness about animal rights. If you are passionate about fighting for the underdog, this career could be a perfect calling! Many animal rights advocates work with non-profit organizations to raise funds, support animal rights legislation, and partner with retailers to develop animal-friendly business practices.

This article was contributed by freelance writer and blogger Hannah Whittenly.

Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.