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How to Adopt the Right Dog That Perfectly Fits Your Lifestyle

Benjamin Franklin once quoted “There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog, and ready money”. However, irrespective of whether dogs are young or old, they will love their owners more than they love themselves. So adopting a dog is always a rewarding and life-changing experience. Their love and faithfulness overpower their breed for sure.

It is also true that dogs do have personalities and if you are pondering over adopting one, you certainly need to figure out what type of dog will blend nicely in your lifestyle. According to Dr. Samuel D. Gosling, a psychologist from the University of Texas, “cats, dogs, hyenas and other animals have personality traits in much the same way humans do” – an August 2001 report suggests.

Therefore, if you already know as to how certain dogs behave in a particular manner, how some are quiet and reserved, while others are confident and fierce; it will be extremely helpful for you in terms of making a right choice. It is also very important for you to evaluate your current lifestyle to bring adjustments that you are willing to make for a dog. Consider whether your family members, especially kids are allergic to certain breeds before making the final decision.

The following tips will help you adopt a perfect dog that goes nicely with your lifestyle:

  1. Be amply clear what you want

In order to make a calculated decision, you need to think from the perspective of a dog owner. Take time to reflect on your day to day activity levels to make sure that the new dog can seamlessly harmonize with your way of life. There are some pertinent questions that need to be answered at this point in time. A mere “yes” or “no” of the following questions will give you a clear picture of whether the new dog fits in your life:

  • Do you like to go out regularly or are you more of an indoor person?
  • Does your job allow you to spend more time with your pets?
  • Are you ready to make a long-term commitment?
  • Do you have enough time and resources to fulfill the commitment?
  • How much you are going to invest in him since pets too need usual check-ups?
  • Is your new canine friend compatible with the young members of your family?
  • And most importantly, why do you want to adopt a dog?


  1. Consider size and age

Size and age of a dog play critical roles in getting blended in a family culture. If you and your family members are ready to look after a little puppy, then you can happily bring home one provided you have enough time for his nurture. Although, puppies are adorable, but you might not necessarily know how its personality and energy level would be unfolding. However, some small dogs are very delicate and vulnerable, too. If you have kids in your home and because of their playful nature, they might perceive it as a toy and unknowingly cause harm to him. Larger dogs, on the other hand, tend to do similar things with kids. Bigger dogs demand more food, exercise, longer walks and more space to run and play. Adult dogs that are around two years old are the most preferred options for many people because they are grown ups, socialized and to some extent trained.

  1. Evaluate energy/activity levels

Some dogs are naturally more active, while some are more laid back than others. Most of the time dogs’ energy levels are associated with their breeds, but to rely solely on breed alone to figure out how energetic your dog would become, is not sufficient. Much like humans, all dogs need exercise and physical work to stay fit. If you are unable to fulfill your dog’s daily exercise needs, he might develop certain behavioral issues such as habit of tearing clothes, unnecessary barking all the time. If you don’t have enough space in and around your house, or if you live in a studio apartment, you probably shouldn’t adopt a high energy dog that needs to run and play regularly.

  1. Grooming requirement

Grooming is very crucial aspect in a dog’s life in order to stay healthy. Some dogs have longer coats that need more monthly grooming and maintenance, while others have smaller and thicker coats. If you are willing to invest a bit of time and patience, you can adopt a Rottweiler or Husky. As a matter of fact, healthy and clean dogs are better pets and do not transfer any infections. So, lack of grooming might aggravate behavioral issues in dogs, and due to that they feel stressed and can damage things. Some dogs, for instance, defecate inside the house on account of being unhealthy, thereby staining expensive carpets. Under such circumstances, you need best carpet cleaners for pets so that you will be better prepared to do some extra cleaning work.

  1. What breed tells you?

Once you are through with the essential queries as to what kind of dog will be best fit for you, list the ideal traits that are acceptable to you. Now it’s time to find out the breed that is most appropriate for you. You can visit your local shelter or contact a dog breeder. Breed of dogs is more or less indicative of whether they are good for you or not. The Texan Blue Lacy, for example, is an energetic and intelligent dog, which is a good companion and excellent with kids. The Golden Retriever, on the other hand, is obedient, playful, well mannered, and kind to strangers.

Emma Olivia

Emma Olivia is an architecture graduate with an advanced post graduation in psychology. She has a hands-on experience in the home improvement and décor industry of over 10 years. She wants to impart her well earned knowledge to a larger audience by medium of blogs and articles.