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Deck Boat For Sale, Needs Work

Picture this: the sky is clear, the weather warm but not unbearable, and you’re cruising around the lake in a 21-foot long boat. But first, the boat needs a few touch ups. Jerry Baker first bought this 1989 deck boat …

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Our family is moving, and Arthur can help

My wife and I are moving. Not far, but far enough that we need a truck and boxes and a phone call with “Arthur,” who lives in a place where English is the third language and whose name, I’m quite …

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Refurbishing History

  Other than the occasional black and white film, the only time you see an early 1900s classic car is either rusted and abandoned in a trash heap, or with shiny new paint as it cruises by you on the …

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You can’t learn to count by painting your face

My son set my phone to Chinese this weekend, which probably means he reverted it to “factory settings.” To most of us, that would be an enormous problem, you know, with the language barrier and all. But that isn’t what …

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Vending machine smokes

    In the 1950s vending machines were used for more than to just sell candy. With a quarter you could buy yourself a pack of cigarettes straight from a machine. Rodney Nash happened to be at the right place, …

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Seat belts created the technology revolution

  Editor’s Note: As most Greensheet readers are new to this column, here’s a travel-advice column from the archives.   Gas is cheap, cars are reliable, and it’s been too long since you and the family got out of the …

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