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Help us help a few families for Christmas

When most people in Houston hear the words “The Greensheet,” they usually think of two specific things. First, they think about the jingle – the one that has played in grocery stores for years and the one that promises to …

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Looking for model trains

Constructing model railways is not an excuse to play with toys, rather this hobby encourages people to develop a wide variety of skills in problem solving. As an avid model railway builder, Mike Hughes understands the benefits to the hobby …

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You learn a lot about people on airplanes

This column was written on board a United Airlines flight between Houston and Charlotte. I left home at 5 a.m. and discovered that what TV tells us is most important often really isn’t the case at all. When I take …

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Deck Boat For Sale, Needs Work

Picture this: the sky is clear, the weather warm but not unbearable, and you’re cruising around the lake in a 21-foot long boat. But first, the boat needs a few touch ups. Jerry Baker first bought this 1989 deck boat …

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Our family is moving, and Arthur can help

My wife and I are moving. Not far, but far enough that we need a truck and boxes and a phone call with “Arthur,” who lives in a place where English is the third language and whose name, I’m quite …

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Refurbishing History

  Other than the occasional black and white film, the only time you see an early 1900s classic car is either rusted and abandoned in a trash heap, or with shiny new paint as it cruises by you on the …

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