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The Ultimate Update

From granite countertops to taupe walls, there are a number of home design trends that can make your property look like it’s stuck in the ’90s.

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Leaks and Loss:

Energy and utility bills are high enough without additional problems that cause wasted heat, cold air and water. The following are five things to look for that decrease your home’s energy efficiency. Leaky Windows and Doors If your doors and …

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Beautify your home, spruce up your garden

There’s so much to do and experience at the Texas Home and Garden Show in Fort Worth. The Texas Home and Garden shows are the Texas homeowner’s best resource for the latest products, services, expert advice, tips and more for …

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Building Plans:

Building a new home is exciting. When you hire builders to complete a new structure for you, you have the opportunity to choose a plan that is perfect for your family’s needs. However, it’s vital to choose the right building …

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Mi Familia Autos puts your graduate in the driver’s seat

What better way to surprise your graduate than by surprising him or her with a new used car? Perhaps you already have a pretty good idea of the type of vehicle he or she wants, and maybe you’ve even agreed on a make …

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Pack and Save

Moving to a new home or apartment comes with a great deal of stress. From becoming familiar with a new neighborhood, putting the kids in a new school and acclimating to new surroundings, one way to reduce stress during your …

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