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Protect Yourself From Waterborne Illness This Summer

Don’t let invisible threats lurking in pools, water parks and lakes ruin your summer. Recreational water illnesses (RWIs), such as Cryptosporidium (Crypto) and Giardia, are on the rise and most prevalent in the United States during the prime swimming months, typically May …

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Tips for Finding Summer Activities for Kids

We all know they’re coming . . . the dog days of summer. As parents, we love having the kiddos home and the absence of the daily grind of the bus, lunch-making and homework, but with every upside, there is …

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DIY Windows

Interior remodeling provides a great opportunity to add style and functionality to your home. Most people automatically think of new furniture and shades of paint, but one of the biggest factors affecting interior décor is the window treatment. Subtle changes …

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Your flooring project done right

If you’ve repainted the walls, added new furniture and changed your sofa pillows, yet something is still amiss in your home, consider that large surface area: the floor. Floors set the tone of your living space. To avoid surprises and …

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Simple Home Improvement Ideas With Big Impact

Whether the urge to remodel strikes during May, which is National Home Improvement Month, or any other time of year, you can seamlessly update your home with just a few simple steps toward improved design, comfort, functionality, energy efficiency and …

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Three Major Signs you Need your Sewer Line Repaired

  There are many warning signs to watch out for when it comes to your sewer line. If you think that it needs to be repaired or replaced, you should have it done as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary …

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