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How to Weld Yourself a Stellar Swingset for the Backyard

Having a great swing set in your own backyard makes it feel as if you were at the playground every time you step outside. Instead of paying for a swing set, you can build your own with some basic supplies from a hardware or plumbing supply store. Follow these tips for welding a great swing set for the backyard.


Create a Design Plan

The first part of building a great set of swings for the backyard is creating a simple and safe design plan. In most cases, a swing set should be twice as tall as the tallest person who will be using it. For most families, a swing set that measures 10 to 12 feet tall at the peak of the structure should be sufficient. The length of the swing set will depend on how many swings you want to install on it.


Gather the Required Supplies

A swingset will need to have the “A” frames at either end and a long support beam across the top. Most swings use a seat that is 24 inches wide. Each swing should have an equal amount of space between it and the next swing. The swings will also need chains and fittings to hang from. Threaded pipe caps should be placed on the exposed ends of the pipe in order to prevent water intrusion.


Weld the Individual Parts

The only places of a swing that require any welding are the junctions between the “A” frames and the support beams. Some companies, like Northland Fastening Systems, know that welding is only necessary if you are not using threaded pipes. Welding should be done using proper protective equipment and the right temperature of flame for galvanized steel.


Cement the Structure into Place

Once the frame of the swing set is welded together and the brackets, nuts and bolts for the chains are in place, prepare the soil for cementing the structure into place. A hole should be dug for each post of the “A” frame. The hole should be at least 12 inches deep. A fresh batch of concrete should be mixed for cementing the legs of the frame securely. The concrete takes about 48 hours to cure.

Putting together a big swing set is a great weekend project. The supplies to make a swing set are affordable and made to last for many years. Just a few hours of your time will result in hundreds of hours of fun over the upcoming years with your young and growing family.

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