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Water Wonders: Top 4 Considerations When Choosing a Custom Pool

You may have been imagining the shape and the design of your new swimming pool, but you get stuck at some point. Imagination alone is not adequate for getting the best swimming pool. There are many modern pool designers who are flexible and allow you to come up with your own customized pool that rhymes with the whole of your home.

This approach has the benefit of making the pool appealing and guarantees full functionality that fits very well with your lifestyle. There are many factors to be considered when designing a customized pool in your home. Here is a highlight of the top four considerations you need to take into account when choosing a custom pool.


Expertise of the Contractor

You may think that since you are interested in a custom pool, you will not require the best contractor for your work. This is wrong. In order to come up with something very neat in your backyard, you need to hire a reputable contractor who will listen when you give them suggestions on how you would like your pool to appear.

They will combine their experience with your demands and come up with a beautiful pool for you. They will also give you guidance since not everything you like in your pool is recommendable. But they should not change your mind. Consult contractors who have served long enough for the best results of your custom pool.


Your Preferred Shape

Standard shapes of pools that have been there for the longest time have been square, rectangle or triangle. With the modernization of homes, you don’t have to stick to these old-school shapes. Come up with something unique and attractive.

You should consider newer shapes such as round, free-form and kidney-shaped which enable you to get a maximum surface area of your pool in case you are limited in space. Take the already existing examples to challenge you to come up with something outstanding.

A good example is the magnificent guitar-shaped, glass-tile violin pool. Try to design something greater than this.


Pool Design

Do not confuse this with the shape of the pool. Actually, the shape is just but one aspect of the design of the pool. Different pools and spas in Reno and elsewhere have a different depth, water features, decking style and landscaping. Different people have different preferences to these aspects. Therefore, you need to consider the ideal aspects of your pool that will make you enjoy the swimming experience even more.

Depending on your intention behind building the pool, you will require different depths. For instance, if your intention is to play games in it, then you need a deeper pool as opposed to the ones used for entertainment or lap swimming. A perfectly customized pool has all the features that meld with the style of your home to bring a seamless, elegant look.


Building Materials

You need to consider the materials you intend to use for your pool and their availability. There are basic types of materials used for building the floor of the pools. These include vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete.

Depending on the availability of these materials as well as your financial ability, you will need to choose the ones that meet your preference without having to expand your budget. Do your research and inquire from other pool owners the best materials they recommend and their estimated costs. For instance, vinyl pools use the best materials that come in a wider range of colors and patterns.

At the end of the project, your swimming pool needs to be designed to rhyme with your home to ensure a smooth harmony in the compound. Everything within your compound should be in synchrony with each other, from the house to the landscaping to other outdoor structures. When you are relaxing outdoors at your home, you feel calm, relaxed and love your home as a whole.

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