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Rat’s All Folks: 4 Signs It’s Time to Call Pest Control

Although we try our hardest to keep our home clean and sanitary to avoid attracting pests, sometimes, they find their way into our home regardless of our best efforts. If you suspect that your home may be under an invasion by rodent pests, here are some signs to look for to confirm your suspicions.


Damaged Food Packages

Rats and mice have a natural ability for sniffing out food regardless of the container in which it’s stored. Mice love to chew through cardboard boxes, plastic containers, paper bags, and even foil packages to get to your food. If you begin to notice that holes are being chewed into your food containers, you may be experiencing a pest problem.



Mice will simply use the bathroom as soon as the sensation strikes them. This is why you’ll find little black droppings in random places all around your home. While the rodent is scurrying around your house to find food, it’ll just use the bathroom while it’s moving. Finding these little black droppings is a sure sign that pest control steps might be necessary. Be sure to call in a professional pest control service, like Colonial Pest Control Inc. or a similarly trained professional, to ensure the rodents are removed quickly, safely, and thoroughly.



Rats and mice are little magicians who can run faster than your eyes can spot them and hide in the smallest of places. Common places that mice love to hide are the walls of your home. Walls seem to be a great living area for mice because it’s dark, there’s plenty of empty space with no predators, and it’s warm during the colder half of the year. If you begin to hear scratching inside of your walls, it could be an indicator that you have some pests nesting within your walls.


Agitated Pets

While virtually invisible to human senses, rats and mice produce a distinct odor that our pets may be able to detect. This odor becomes more potent the longer they live in your home due to the build-up of their waste products and the scent they leave in their nest. Should you notice your dog or cat paying special attention to a section of your wall or even hissing/barking at a section while pawing, this may be a sign that your pet senses the pests in your walls.


Keep in mind that while there are many pests that can invade your home any time of the year, autumn and winter seasons will see a rise in rodent invasions due to the cold weather. Begin taking steps during the late summer to protect your home from a rodent invasion.

Emma Sturgis

Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer living in Boston. She writes most often on marketing and finance. When not writing, she enjoys baking, rock climbing, and film noir.