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How to Bring Extraordinary Transformation in Your Home Architecture

The World is My Home,” said James A. Michener in his memoir where he beautifully described his mesmerizing experience of South Pacific. But when it comes to making your home a world in its own way, remodeling and renovation are the obvious undertakings at your disposal. The question, however, arises is: How to transform your house’s architecture and to give it an incredible look?

Be it cottages, bungalows, multi-storey apartments or castles, every house is unique and its interior is as much important as its exterior. Therefore, with a creative approach and focused effort, you can bring out perfect changes in your house. That said, these changes will not just give your house a contemporary and modern look but, it will become cozier for you to live in.


  1. Declutter Everything

When it comes to providing a contemporary design to your home, less is more. The items that are generally lying around – you can store them in simple and attractive containers. The biggest challenge that you face while decluttering your house is to get rid of unnecessary papers and documents lying here and there. This is because you really have to look at and read each piece of paper in order to figure out whether you should keep it or throw it.


  1. Attic Makeover

Renovating attic can be beneficial for you in many ways. In addition to providing an extra space, your attic makeover will add to the beauty of your interior decoration. Attic makeover also ensures that negative energy is driven out of your house. You can maximize your comfort level by creating a separate zone within your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system after creating the space. You can also use loft ladders for small space in the attic along with installing DIY open shelving as well. Therefore, renovating attic is a smart way to bring transformation in your house.


  1. Brick Cladding

Give your house a modern twist by exposing its brickwork or you can design a new one. If you have had enough of wallpapers and dense complex paint palette, brick cladding is just for you. These days brickwork is increasingly becoming a popular interior architecture trend, which by the way also brings your house’s inner character. After exposing your house’s brickwork, it is important to make your walls look glossier by carefully cleaning the bricks. You can use a matte finish sealant for a more natural look.


  1. Attractive Loft Conversions

What would be more serene than a small and bright bedroom in the form of a loft?  Your roof space could really be a stunning location for a master bedroom, teenage den, cinema room or a home office. However, you have to work out whether your loft is appropriate for conversion and make sure your every move meets building regulations. In general, lofts having a minimum height of 2.5 meters are best fit for conversion, but sometimes chimneys or water tanks could pose a daunting challenge in the conversion process. You can, however, overcome this challenge by incorporating strong and flexible attic ladders toward your loft. The different types of conversions that are in practice today are: Roof light conversions, Dormer conversions, Hip-to-gable conversions, Gable-to-gable conversions, and Modular extensions.


  1. The Paint Job

Painting is a major overhauling process for your house. It requires a thorough understanding as to how you should the right colors because these are important questions to consider. The ambiance and atmosphere of your house is very crucial to you. Begin by cleaning the surface of the walls with a slate or paint scraper or power washer. Right after that, you need to identify your color palette in order to choose the right paint. Moreover, brick cladding and stone materials match well with cooler brighter shades along with wooden finishing. One thing you must undertake beforehand is to check the weather forecast because the weather might affect how well the paint sticks to the surface.


  1. Replace Your Window Designs

Enough natural light and proper ventilation are two important elements for bringing in positive energy in your house. Your living space needs to be brightened up as the day begins, which is why well-designed windows are what your house needs. There are different shapes and sizes that complement the natural style of your house. You have to work out where to put new windows because cleverly placed windows will let in the rush of morning air along with enhancing the beauty of your internal canvas. Since windows are the eyes of a house; your carefully selected designs will change the overall personality of your property.


  1. Bring In Modern Furniture

It is time to integrate sophisticated furniture designs to your living space. The biggest advantage of using modern furniture is they come in various shapes and sizes to fit all tastes. They can be adjusted according to the dimensions of your room and you can easily personalize your home interior. The modern furniture can get along pretty well with various innovations of today’s society.


Final Thoughts

Your house is one of your most prized possessions. You live in it with your family to make it home and your home gives you hope, satisfaction and fulfillment. Renovation and remodeling brings your house closer to your heart. So, when it comes to bringing a complete transformation of your home, the above tips will guide you through.



Emma Olivia

Emma Olivia is an architecture graduate with an advanced post graduation in psychology. She has a hands-on experience in the home improvement and décor industry of over 10 years. She wants to impart her well earned knowledge to a larger audience by medium of blogs and articles.