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7 Unique DIY Projects for Your Garden

April is the cruelest month’ sings T.S.Eliot, because blooming nature stirs the blood, brings back childhood memories, and sparks desire. It might be confusing to think that these things are cruel but Eliot was a sensitive human being, as all poets are, and all this blooming is there to remind us that the happy days of our childhood are gone. We don’t need to be so grim, but a similar feeling can overwhelm us if we found that we have neglected our garden that has become a wasteland while all the others are blooming with vivid colors of advancing spring. Of course, your garden might not be completely dead (god forbid!) but it just looks like something is missing – some charm that all the neighbor ones have. Well, then it’s time for a makeover.

1. You’ve got mail

Ok, maybe you’re a little late with your spring decor, but you can turn this into an advantage. Just pretend that you’ve received a notification of Spring just now. Yes, we know, Spring doesn’t send notifications, but haven’t we said that you’re about to make your garden magical? And how is that notification going to arrive? Like all the others – by mail. Simply turn your mailbox into a planter and – voila! – spring is here.  If you think your mailbox is not right for the job there are a lot of examples that will reassure you.

2. The twinkling border

You see all your neighbors raising fences and putting ‛don’t step on the grass!’ signs. It seems cruel to put a fence around nature, but, on the other hand, you also wouldn’t want someone stepping on your effort.  Well, why don’t you make fencing a part of the beauty treatment? And you even don’t need anything fancy – just some old wine bottles. In order to build this wine bottle border, all you need to do is to bury the bottles in the dirt and that’s it. You can include all the colors you want or make the border monochromatic, but, in any case, they will twinkle as the sun rays reflect in them, making your garden look like a real Emerald City.

3. The emeralds and the crystal ball

Well, even the ones who have never read L. Frank Baum’s ‛The Wizard of Oz’ know that Emerald City needs to have the emeralds inside it. Now, it would be a little bit expensive to place real emeralds in the dirt among your plants (and somewhat silly, too), but you can reach the same effect with so-called garden globes. They’re not precious stones, but they can give your garden that same extravagant look with their various colors and sizes. These garden spheres are also known as the ‛gazing globes’, so, besides the fact that they’ll make your garden shine they can also be your crystal balls spying on the Wicked Witch of the West.  If you think I’m making this up you should check the folklore – it is believed they keep the witches out of the garden.

4. The little guests

While still in the land of Oz, we can’t forget about the little people – the Munchkins. Well, actually, in the book they’re not so little and in the movie are pretty creepy dwarfs…maybe we should forget about the world of Oz for a moment. Instead, think of Tinkerbell, she’s tiny and cute. However, every magical garden needs its ferries, right? They are your little guest, and, obviously, they need some special place to live. Making a miniature evergreen garden can be just a thing. If you arrange these tiny green landscapes in plain sight inside your garden you will really get that magical look of the land full of fairies.

5. The path

Now you need your‛ yellow brick road’ so you could walk freely around your garden and prevent your visitors from stepping on the grass or flowers. Although the land of Oz is a great start for a magical spring garden, your path shouldn’t be constructed from bricks. We already have glass bottles and stainless steel garden orbs, so it’s time for some natural material. That’s why it’s the best option to build your path from Log-Sliced Steps. Simply arrange your log slices around and that’s it. You can also slice them yourself, and, after eliminating splinters with sandpaper you can even paint them in various colors. Now you can just take an easy stroll over the new path and with your loyal hose cart beside you freshen up your garden.

6. Candles from the sky

Every magical garden full of fairies needs to have various lights during the night, right? It is what makes it most magical, so people usually run to the store and buy various garden lights to install. But we’re gonna stick to the natural materials like we did with our path – we’ll make a garden chandelier. Although it might sound complicated, it can be done in 10 minutes – all you need is a base (old baskets, trays or pans will do the job), some rope or chain, and a tree to hang it on. Then just put a mix of flowers and candles on it, simple as that. Maybe your neighbors have various electrical gadgets, but who has candles from the sky?

7. The entrance

Now that you’ve made your magical garden, you’ll need an entrance. Many people put a lot of their money into an entry arbor, but that is usually because there’s nothing to see inside. You should go for a simple wooden construction that is easy to make because the magic begins inside.

And – we’re done. Maybe the Spring has arrived a little late in your garden, but it seems that this is where it decided to make its home.


Ron Wolf

Although law and business are Ronald’s expertise, he knows a lot about home improvement as he worked with his father during summer breaks at his construction company in Australia.