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5 Inexpensive Ways To Make an Apartment Look Nicer

Decorating an apartment can be very expensive, and before you know it you have spent more than you planned on. So, to help curb your craving for decorating, here are 5 inexpensive ways to make an apartment look nicer.

Give the random items laying around your house a purpose


  • First find an empty shoe box or ansize cardboard
  • Cut the flaps off of the top
  • Items needed will be: hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, rope
  • Wrap the entire box row by row with the rope.
  • Use your fabric or choice to create a liner for the inside of the box.

This box could be used as storage, or a place to put items specific items like blankets or toilet paper for the bathroom!    

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Why throw out old picture Frames? Repurpose it!


  • Find an old picture
  • frame that you no longer have use for
  • Paint the trim any pattern or color that you want.
  • Then either paint a design on paper and place it behind the glass or use a printed pattern.
  • Lastly add handles to each side of the frame

You now have a tray table!

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Create some throw pillows


  • Purchase canvas bags of your choice
  • Use poly-fil stuffing
  • 3 sides of the bag are already sown shut! So use a needle and thread for the fourth edge after stuffing to stitch it up.
  • If you don’t want to sow it closed you can hot glue it shut.
  • Use iron on patterns or puffy paint to make a design on the front

Super cute and very affordable throw pillows!

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Design your own mugs


  • Decorate your mug with any design or colored washi tape
  • Once you have finished use mod podge to seal the
  • Hand wash the mugs only

What a fun way to decorate your kitchen!

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Decorate your show candles


  • Take any of your decorative candles and spice them up with colored washi tape.
  • Pick and a design you want and just apply it.

Its that easy to make an old cheap candle look elegant!

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Courtney McKeown