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Valentine’s Gifts for Guys

Got a special fellow you want to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for? Look no further, we’ve compiled a list of perfect presents for your homie, lover or friend.


State Nevin’s Backpack

So a briefcase isn’t really his style? For the rugged guy with a fashionable side, here’s a home for his laptop and lunch while he rides to work or a place to stash his carry-on travel essentials when he’s on the go. With a mixture of leather and wool panels, the bag is a big step up from the sporty pack he’s probably had for years.

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That’s All Mug – Luckiest Guy

There’s nothing wrong with reminding him what a good pair you two are—and, in particular, how grateful he should be to have you as his partner. This cheeky 16-ounce mug will serve as a daily reminder that he’s pretty darn lucky to have you. And when he gets to the end, he’ll find a secret message printed inside.

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Scratch Map

Maybe you met while backpacking through Europe… or maybe you just like to dream about the trips you want to take in the future? Let this gift, a scratch off map of the world, serve as a way to document the travels you’ve already taken together—and inspire future adventures.

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Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

For the man who doesn’t go anywhere—not even the beach—without his iPhone, lest he miss the perfect opportunity for an Instagram shot. Though the smartphone camera will generally suffice, this small but mighty gadget will take his photo skills up a notch. An array of special modes—party, landscape, macro, kids, and more—automatically adjust the camera’s settings to ensure it captures the best a high-quality picture.

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Bevel: The Essentials

This kit, which is full of hydrating grooming essentials, is designed to give him his best shave yet. The priming oil is infused with lavender and olive oil to soften coarse hair and prep it for shaving. Aloe vera-rich shave cream works into a thick lather to protect sensitive skin from his razor blade—especially helpful when he’s rushing through his morning routine, because he hit the snooze button one too many times!

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Magnetic Bottle Opener

This bottle opener, which is made from reclaimed oak bourbon whiskey barrels, features three powerful magnets so it can find a permanent home on the refrigerator (mountable hardware is included for those who’d prefer to hang it on the wall). No matter where he chooses to hang it, the powerful magnet will catch up to 30 bottle caps, so any strays don’t end up on the floor. Other styles and finishes, including walnut, are also available.

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Kikkerland Portable BBQ Suitcase

Whether his specialty is cheeseburgers or ribs, this portable grill will get the job done—no matter where he’s spending the day. The suitcase opens to reveal a fully functioning charcoal grill with enough room to cook for two—perfect for an impromptu picnic date in the park, an intimate tailgating session, or even in lieu of a larger standalone barbecue for apartment dwellers with small balconies. It locks and closes securely to tuck away in even the smallest nook of your garage or pantry.

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Sugarfina Single Malt Scotch Cordials

These bite-size indulgences have a dark chocolate shell and a liquid center filled with real Scotch that will transport him to the farthest isles. More unexpected ingredients, like cornflakes, almond, and hazelnut pieces, add a delectable twist to these non-traditional

cordials. Place a box on his pillow or slip one into his briefcase for an unexpected surprise. If you’re having dinner in this Valentine’s Day, save them for after dinner and crumble several onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The candies last for up to nine months, but we’re willing to bet they won’t last the week.

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