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Vending machine smokes



In the 1950s vending machines were used for more than to just sell candy. With a quarter you could buy yourself a pack of cigarettes straight from a machine.

Rodney Nash happened to be at the right place, at the right time to save an eighty-year-old cigarette vending machine from being turned into scrap. A friend of his no longer had room for it, so when asked if Nash wanted it, he took ownership of it because he hated to see such an interesting artifact from the 50s be lost

“It’s still in good shape, just needs some restoration,” Nash said, “If you restore it for display it’ll be a beautiful piece.”

The machine needs a refresh on its paint job, but all the knobs are still intact. On the side, “Cigarettes” is painted mural-like, which will make it easier for any restorer to keep it as close to its original design as they can.

With not being familiar with restoration himself, Nash is hoping to turn over the vending machine to someone who loves taking pieces of history and making them like new.

For him, The Greensheet was the first place he thought of when he decided to sell it. Nash said that everyone goes to The Greensheet when looking to buy or sell.

If interested in giving this vending machine new life contact Nash at (832)690-0773.

Zarah Parker