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For sale: the ultimate movie collection

What do you get a homebody for Christmas? Luckily, Lisa Landry has a solution in her massive DVD collection.

The collection includes black and white classics like Casablanca and On the Waterfront, which were both favorites of Landry’s. After seeing On the Waterfront for the first time, a film about a dockworker who is an up-and-coming boxer as played by Marlon Brando, Landry spent the next week watching every film Brando ever starred in.

“I love collecting movies. Every movie I own I’ve probably seen at least twice and some of my favorites I watch at least once a year,” Landry said.

For those who aren’t fans of black and white films, the collection also includes every Disney movie except Sleeping Beauty, which is only missing because Landry hated the movie as a child. The movie collection is full of different genres, from Donnie Darko and Nightmare on Elm Street, to You’ve Got Mail and The Notebook.

“To be honest the only reason I’m letting the movies go is because I don’t have room to store them anymore. I’m keeping my absolute favorites and letting someone else enjoy the rest,” Landry said.

Landry also mentioned that while Netflix has made it easier to give up her physical copies, Netflix doesn’t stream every movie out there. There’s plenty of must-see movies that aren’t available online.

If interested in taking some of Landry’s movies off her hands call (713)856-3388.

Zarah Parker