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Looking for model trains

Constructing model railways is not an excuse to play with toys, rather this hobby encourages people to develop a wide variety of skills in problem solving.

As an avid model railway builder, Mike Hughes understands the benefits to the hobby well. Yet, loving trains isn’t new for him. Like most other kids of his era, he collected Hornby Railways, which date back to the early 1900s. Today, he uses the Greensheet to find trains for his collection.

“You begin by researching the different types of railways and trains, then a great deal of planning follows,” said Hughes.

Some of the railway is handmade, meaning woodworking skills are required in order to lay the track, then electrical skills to install the wiring. There’s also different types of engines to work with, like steam, diesel, and electrical.

Model railways often are accompanied with a mini city, complete with buildings, landscapes, and other scenery. Hughes has utilized a spare room in his home to create his model, using rural features befitting the landscape of west Texas.

Hughes has been working with electrical trains for years, adding to his model railway a little at a time. The Greensheet has helped Hughes to find electric trains to buy from other enthusiasts. Other times he’s able to find new ones from people who have had one or two passed down to them, but they had no use for them.

If you have any electric trains that you don’t need anymore, give Hughes a call at (817)205-5020

Zarah Parker