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Doll collection up for grabs

For Doris Miller, dolls were little works of art. From their painted eyes and cheeks and hand-sewn dresses, to their texture smooth porcelain, dolls simply made her smile.

Her collection of dolls began with seeing them as pretty toys, but the older Miller got the more she realized how a doll can be much more than a toy. So, she started taking better care of the dolls she had. When she was old enough to purchase her own, her favorite to buy were antiques and handmade dolls.

And occasionally she would buy a random troll doll from a thrift store just for fun if she so happened to stumble across one.

An antique Shirley Temple doll was Miller’s favorite. Even though it wasn’t worth the most in monetary value, it meant a lot to Miller because it was gifted to her by her husband.

Unfortunately, Miller passed away just over a year ago and her daughter, Diana Mitchell, never developed a love for dolls. As a child she always thought their eyes would follow her across a room and their blank stare to be offsetting.

So, it’s no surprise that the first time Mitchell is using The Greensheet it’s to sell her mother’s doll collection. As much as she loved her mother, she’s happy to pass the collection to someone who will appreciate them.

Give Mitchell a call at (817)387-4825 to learn more about the doll collection.


Zarah Parker