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Deck Boat For Sale, Needs Work

Picture this: the sky is clear, the weather warm but not unbearable, and you’re cruising around the lake in a 21-foot long boat. But first, the boat needs a few touch ups.

Jerry Baker first bought this 1989 deck boat six or seven years ago as a way to spend time with his family. The boat ran like a dream on rough water and serviced the family well when fishing and water skiing.

Unfortunately, the boat only saw one day of open water before a drought hit Lake Conroe. Baker hasn’t been able to take it out since. Which means the 150 power Johnson motor is no longer in running condition.

All in all, this boat is perfect for a project-loving fixer.

“This is for someone who knows what they’re doing,” Baker said, “and has the time. What’s funny is now that I’m retired I don’t have the time, but when I was working I was able to work on it.”

The white exterior needs a refresh, and the seats need to be replaced. There’s also a canopy connected over the boat that needs repairs.

The Greensheet has been utilized for years by Baker and his wife in selling cars and other items. Now that they’re ready to part with the deck boat, they know The Greensheet will bring the right person along.

Give Baker a call at (281)433-1638.

Zarah Parker