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Business Finance 101: 3 Strategies to Reduce Your Company’s Taxes

Many small businesses are overpaying on their taxes because they aren’t taking advantage of their deductions. Here are a few strategies on how to lower your company’s taxes.

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Success Stories: Breeze Transportation, LLC

Breeze Transportation LLC owner Lorinda Hunter loves owning a business that serves the community around her.

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4 Steps to Maintaining Professionalism in Your Business Emails

Business e-mails must always be in the company voice as well

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5 Tips to Help You File Your Taxes on Time

Yes, it’s that dreaded time of year again. It is time to file your taxes before the middle of April and you’ve been procrastinating for the past couple of months saying that you will ‘get around to it’. The time …

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work hard play hard work environment

How to Create a Work Hard/Play Hard Work Environment for Employees

If there’s no balance, employees will view this job as something they have to do.

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What It Takes for Your Business to Become a Lifestyle Brand

To become a lifestyle brand, you have to immerse yourself into the culture. Take the lead on the trend instead of playing catchup.

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