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Couponing 101, Part 2:

We have now reached the fun part of couponing: There are several ways to increase your savings even more!   How to double your savings by using 2 coupons at the same time. You can double your saving by using …

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Think Outside the Square: Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Homeowners are always looking for ways to change up their home decor and add unique, personal touches around the house. If you are getting ready for a bathroom or kitchen project, this is a perfect opportunity to fuse a little …

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Playing it safe: 4 key ways to save on homeowner’s insurance you may not have heard of

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home for the first time or are just shopping around for a cheaper policy, there are plenty of ways to save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Everyone knows about shopping around for the best …

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Couponing 101, Part 1

Congratulations! You have taken a new step in your life just by wanting to learn about coupons. Why is couponing such a big step? One main reason: TO SAVE MONEY! Now who doesn’t want to do that? With the economy …

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Whimsical and Welcoming

A home’s entryway acts as the first impression, and whether or not you care about impressing your guests, having a welcoming foyer can truly transform the tone of the entire home. Yes, you want guests to feel welcome and comfortable …

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A Parent’s Dental Guide

If you’re worried about the positioning of your child’s teeth, then you might be considering dental braces for him or her. When this concern pops up in your mind, schedule an appointment with a reliable orthodontist near you. The professional …

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