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For sale: the ultimate movie collection

What do you get a homebody for Christmas? Luckily, Lisa Landry has a solution in her massive DVD collection. The collection includes black and white classics like Casablanca and On the Waterfront, which were both favorites of Landry’s. After seeing …

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Doll collection up for grabs

For Doris Miller, dolls were little works of art. From their painted eyes and cheeks and hand-sewn dresses, to their texture smooth porcelain, dolls simply made her smile. Her collection of dolls began with seeing them as pretty toys, but …

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Looking for model trains

Constructing model railways is not an excuse to play with toys, rather this hobby encourages people to develop a wide variety of skills in problem solving. As an avid model railway builder, Mike Hughes understands the benefits to the hobby …

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Deck Boat For Sale, Needs Work

Picture this: the sky is clear, the weather warm but not unbearable, and you’re cruising around the lake in a 21-foot long boat. But first, the boat needs a few touch ups. Jerry Baker first bought this 1989 deck boat …

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Refurbishing History

  Other than the occasional black and white film, the only time you see an early 1900s classic car is either rusted and abandoned in a trash heap, or with shiny new paint as it cruises by you on the …

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Vending machine smokes

    In the 1950s vending machines were used for more than to just sell candy. With a quarter you could buy yourself a pack of cigarettes straight from a machine. Rodney Nash happened to be at the right place, …

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