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4 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Utilities

Tackling high energy bills doesn’t have to involve sacrificing your comfort. Appliance servicing and maintenance reduce their energy consumption and increase their lifetimes. You can also use ceiling fans and tend to the windows to stretch your energy dollars and improve comfort for pennies.


Deal with the Water Heater

Turn the water heater down to 120 degrees F. Not only will it cut your energy costs, it will prolong the life of the water heater and reduce the risk of scalding. The water heater should be flushed twice a year by draining off a few quarts of water using a hose attached to the bottom spigot.


Service Your HVAC System

Having an HVAC contractor service your heating and cooling system is an example of spending money to save money. The cleaning and adjusting that technicians perform when maintaining a furnace pay off in greater efficiency and better system durability. When a professional, like those at CB Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning, goes through the equipment, they will clean, tighten, and adjust everything. They will also make sure all the parts work and verify that all safety switches are working. If the technician turns up ductwork leaks and seals them, you’ll save energy dollars all year long.


Use Ceiling Fans

As long as the ceiling fan has a reversing switch, it can warm a room during the winter. When the blades run in a clockwise direction, the fan pulls air down from the ceiling, where it’s naturally warmer. Fans work best in rooms whose ceiling plates exceed eight feet.


Lock the Windows

Unless you’re opening the windows for fresh air ventilation, keep them locked. A locked window sits more tightly in its frame and cuts down on air leakage in and out of the window. Windows, in general, can be the source of high energy costs if they don’t fit tightly or if there are cracks around their frames. A quick tour around the outside of your home might reveal open cracks around the window frames. The caulk between the frames and the home’s exterior often dries out over time. This shrinkage lets air pass into and out of your home. To save energy, remove the old caulk as much as possible and apply fresh.

Cutting energy consumption leaves more money in your pocket. Fortunately, there are licensed professionals to help you with those jobs that aren’t do-it-yourself. Even simple things like fans and windows will help you stretch those dollars to save money year-round.

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