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Business Success Stories: Hebert’s Specialty Meats

Name: Chris and Scott Catlett

Company Name: Hebert’s Specialty Meats

Company Address:  1023 Dairy Ashford Houston, TX 77079

Company Phone:  281-558-6328

Web Site URL:

# of Locations: 3

#of Employees: 20



Tell us a little bit about your business?

Hebert’s is a Cajun-style meat market specializing in deboned stuffed chickens (with a choice of 12 dressings), stuffed pork chops, turducken, etouffees, gumbos, and other Louisiana dishes.  We opened in Houston in 1997 and have three locations – the Galleria area, west Houston, and The Woodlands.  Our products are seasoned, marinated, stuffed, and ready to go in the oven or on the grill! We know that families are short on time, so our meals can be ready in as little as 30 minutes.

Crawfish Etouffee


What is the single most important piece of advice you would give someone starting a business?

Aside from expert knowledge of the product or service you intend to sell, small business owners wear a variety of hats on any given day – marketing, finance, accounting, legal, human resources – and must know how each of these disciplines affects their business. Study every aspect of business.


Why did you start your business?

Besides always wanting to own a business, we discovered a niche in the grocery market that was not being served in Houston.  We noticed how many people were traveling to Louisiana every weekend to shop for and fill their freezers with Cajun-style meats they could not find locally.  We approached a very successful meat market in Louisiana and became their first franchisee.


What kind of mindset do you need to have to be a business owner?

We believe that in any kind of business, customer service is the key!  Always have customers’ preferences and needs in mind.  Long-term or repeat customers are mostly relationship driven – it’s human nature to do business with people that you like.


What are some typical challenges you have with your business?

As with many in the retail industry, most of our profit is made during November and December.  Building up inventory requires capital and constant cash flow management.  We must have reserve capital available and good inventory controls in place to see profit at the end of the year.

Stuffed Chicken with Shrimp Dressing

What is the best way to achieve long-term success?

Great products and great customer service is the key to long-term success.  We always work to improve our products and introduce new ones.  Our goal is to add at least one new product each year that people will love.  Our employees strive to know our customers and build lasting relationships with them.  With that in place, the revenue and profit will naturally follow!


What is the best thing about being a business owner?

Several things are important to business owners, but we think that these three things are the best: creativity, growth, and pride.   The chance to be creative every day with any type of product/service keeps an owner’s entrepreneurial spirit alive.  Working with our employees on new product concepts creates great comradery within the company.  Our employees love to help us grow the company because our success is their success.  Rewarding our employees helps us continue the growth of our company, which leads to the pride of ownership.  The most rewarding aspect of being a business owner is hearing from a customer that one of your products “was the best thing that I have ever eaten.”



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