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Valentine Gift Ideas for Men

Can’t decide what to get him for Valentine’s Day this year? Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

For the Traveler

For the man that loves to travel, consider getting him a new backpack or wallet. To make it even more special, buy it in his favorite color and if you can, have it personalized to show that you went the extra mile to make him feel special. As part of the gift, you can include a scratch map, which is a map that you can frame that lets you document all the places in the world that you have visited by scratching it off. It’s also inspiring future trips together! Include the book How to Stay Alive in the Woods, in case he decides he wants to backpack in the woods with his new gifts.

Subscription Boxes

Instead of getting him a gift only one day a year, consider joining a subscription service that will show up at his house several times a year, depending on how often you want it to be sent. There are subscription services for almost everything nowadays. From video streaming services, to snack subscriptions and everything in between. If he likes to change up his look, specifically his facial hair, the Dollar Shave Club is perfect for him! They offer quality razor blades and grooming products, you can try one of their Starter Sets for just $5. If he’s constantly checking the pantry for food and snacks, then check out the Mouth monthly subscription. They offer a wide variety of snacks delivered to your doorstep monthly. Check out the link below for more information on other great subscription services.

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Portable Grill

If he loves to grill and doesn’t care where, then this portable BBQ suitcase is the gift for him! Not only will he be able to cook amazing food, he will be able to pack it up and take it on a roadtrip or a picnic at the park. Its small size makes it easy to use in any environment and makes storing it easy as well. The grill gives him the flexibility to put on his kiss the chef apron and pull out the tongs! Along with the grill, you can include a couple of cookbooks or maybe even brand new portable grilling tools for easy travel.

Take Him Out

Is there a restaurant, bar, or museum that he keeps talking about visiting but you have reluctant? Valentine’s day is the perfect time to surprise him with taking him to one of these spots! It will show him that although it wasn’t your first pick, you are willing to do something nice for him and step out of your comfort zone! To accompany the night, get him a card with a heartfelt message inside or with a box of his favorite chocolates.

Nathali Marroquin

Nathali Marroquin is a Marketing student at the University of Houston and aside from schoolwork, she loves to travel and try new things.