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#TransformationTuesday is does not solely apply to home decor.  Transformation Tuesday also applies to decluttering, and ridding your space of unwanted furniture, clothing, electronics and more. Here are 4 simple ways to transform your space by clearing your space.

  1. Host An Estate Sale Hosting an estate sale is a fun, propitious solution for making space, and earning extra cash. Estate sales are ideal for families that are downsizing, moving, and in many cases, following the death of the homeowner. Estate sale merchandise is commonly priced a bit higher than an average garage sale, where items are usually priced to sell. Collector’s items and antiques, vintage clothing, and even rare coin collections are all customary estate sale finds, but many hosts are sure to offer much more. Tailor your estate sale to fit your needs. Outside of planning and advertising, there is technically no right or wrong way to host an estate sale. Spread the word; list your next estate sale in The Greensheet.


  1. Have A Garage Sale What better way is there to transform your home and free up space? Garage sales are typically all-encompassing, meaning almost anything could be up for grabs. Most garage sale shoppers are rummaging for steep bargains, which means items should be priced to sell. Children’s items, especially toys, as well as books, clothing and shoes are best-sellers at garage sales. Try selling costume jewelry, small toys, clothing and books by the bag. In doing so, patrons will receive an assortment of like-items. Additionally, by selling items by the bag, items may be priced higher, as opposed to the usual .10 per book, etc. This technique also presents the opportunity to clear out items in bulk, which will certainly make more space in your home, and make room for a transformation. See: The Greensheet’s Garage Sale Guide.
  1. Donate Another way to make space in your home is to donate the things you no longer want or need. Donate your belongings to families in need, and local charities, such as churches, hospitals. Rather than throwing away that old washer and dryer set, find a family in need of one. Improper disposal of electronics; such as desktop computers, stereos, VCRS, and DVD players, also known as “e-waste”, is extremely toxic to the environment. Electronics are accepted at Goodwill, and several other organizations. Likeweise, homeless shelters are always in need of blankets, shoes, socks and other clothing items. Donating furniture to a family in need is a gracious way to help others to transform their space!
  1. List Items with The Greensheet The Greensheet is well-known for bringing local buyers and sellers together. Entrepreneurial buyers and sellers have utilized the convenience of The Greensheet’s Classified ads for over 45 years. Selling through The Greensheet is as simple as visiting our website to place an ad, or calling our offices. No item is too big or small to sell, which means you can list anything from a sofa, to a candle holder. Listing through The Greensheet can be done through print ads and online. Your transformation and decluttering effort could be made easier with one click. Place your ad here.






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