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Father’s Day Gifts

Can’t think of what to get your dad for Father’s Day? Check out some gifts that we think will make your father’s day special.



Head to your local mall and spend some time looking for the perfect watch that will match you Dad’s personal style. A nice watch is the best way to add to your Dad’s daily wardrobe.

Beer Cap Map

If your dad is the type of man to kick back a few cold ones at the end of a long day, try getting him a beer cap map! Beer cap maps make it fun to collect bottle caps from your favorite breweries.

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Gifts in a Jar

This DIY project can be fun as well as price friendly. All you have to do is purchase small things that your father enjoys like candy, gift cards, pictures. Also look for some neat ribbons and bows to decorate the outside of the mason jar. Then fill the mason jar with all of the neat things that you’ve purchased.


DIY Cookout Kit

If your father loves cooking, then you’ll have fun creating and designing a cookout kit for him! Gather all the tools and essential seasonings that your father will love, and put them all together to create this cute looking cookout kit.

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DIY Grill Plates

Put your artistic skills to work and create some beautiful grill plates to add to your father’s dishware. Buy plenty of colored sharpies and some plain white plates, and get to coloring!



Shaving Kit

A personalized shaving kit will have your father feeling fresh and new! Head to your local mall or do a Google search to see which products are ideal for your Father’s face.

Melody Olmos

Melody Olmos is a student at the University of Houston - Downtown and is currently a marketing intern at Greensheet Media. She enjoys playing with animals, listening to podcasts, attending social events, as well as traveling.