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6 DIY Halloween Costumes For Under $50

Halloween costumes can be so expensive when you buy it from a Halloween store. Save some money this Halloween by checking out some cool costume ideas that are easy to make and easy on your wallet! Save money with these DIY costumes under $50.


French Toast




  • Striped tee
  • Red scarf
  • Black beret
  • French toast crafted from cardboard.


  • Create the French toast
  • Hole punch the French toast at the top
  • Put string through the holes and wear around neck

This costume may be simple, but it is so sweet!

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Derek Zoolander


Make sure to get the pout just right and then get the items below:

  • Get a patterned headband,
  • blue eyes (or contact lenses), and an arresting gaze
  • Dark eyeshadow and
  • purple lips preferred

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 Bath Puff Loofah


  • Get tulle of any color that you want
  • Bunch the tulle and either pin it or sew it onto the under outfit of your choice.
  • Remember to glue a looped string to it to mimic the actual loofa.
  • Add any decorations you want to it

This seems like it would be a cute costume to wear at any age!

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Flower Pot Costume



  • Get a large plastic tub and cut holes for the legs
  • Use duct tape for the straps to hold it up
  • Buy cheap dollar store flowers
  • Buy a head band and glue a flower to it.
  • Leggings to match the color of flower that you choose!

I would have never thought of this cute costume and how simple and cheap it is to make it!

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Stick Figure



  • White pants
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Black electrical tape to create the stick figure, place it on the white clothes
  • Paper plate, draw a smile on it and use it for the face
  • Punch holes in the plate and use string to tie it around the head

Simple but very cute!

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Bubble Gum Machine




  • multi-colored pompoms
  • White tank top
  • Black headband
  • Red tutu
  • DIY 25 cents sign
  • Glue


  • Glue the pompoms to the tank top and also the headband
  • Then place the 25 cent sign to the top center of the red tutu to mimic a gumball machine!

I Think this costume is super cute, and affordable!

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Courtney McKeown