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Will you be publisher of The Greensheet?

A lot has happened at The Greensheet in the past few months, and if you’re someone who picks up this paper each week, or a few times a month, I’d like to steal of few minutes of your time to …

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Sometimes people just want to lean back and read

Three months ago, our company bought The Greensheet and the paper you’re holding in your hands right now. In these three months, we’ve changed a few things (this weekly column being just one of them), but we’ve spent a lot …

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Thanksgiving is for gratitude, not gratification

We aren’t grateful for much anymore, are we? Can’t stand our politicians, hate our commute and puke when we look in the mirror. Come to think of it, we’re a rather miserable lot. This doesn’t seem like a fetching way …

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Doll collection up for grabs

For Doris Miller, dolls were little works of art. From their painted eyes and cheeks and hand-sewn dresses, to their texture smooth porcelain, dolls simply made her smile. Her collection of dolls began with seeing them as pretty toys, but …

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Help us help a few families for Christmas

When most people in Houston hear the words “The Greensheet,” they usually think of two specific things. First, they think about the jingle – the one that has played in grocery stores for years and the one that promises to …

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Looking for model trains

Constructing model railways is not an excuse to play with toys, rather this hobby encourages people to develop a wide variety of skills in problem solving. As an avid model railway builder, Mike Hughes understands the benefits to the hobby …

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