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Young Money: What an After-School Job Can Teach Your Teenager

Having an after-school job benefits kids in a number of ways by teaching them many lessons they wouldn’t get otherwise. However, as a parent, you may worry that their school work will take a beating. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re on the fence about letting your kids get an after-school job, here are four reasons why you should.


How to Handle Money

Learning how to earn money may be the primary reason why your child will look for an after-school job. Learning how to handle that money may be a lesson that helps him/ her for life. Getting a job teaches your child how to budget to pay for a much-wanted item like concert tickets or to fund the upkeep on a car. It also teaches kids that when the money is gone, it’s gone.


How to Work on Someone Else’s Schedule

According to, kids who work learn how to keep a schedule. They already deal with this issue to a certain extent with their school schedules. However, after-school jobs may not be every day after school. They may require weekend work. It will be up to your child to learn to keep track of this and arrive to work on time every time.


How to Work With & For Adults

Your child will spend most of his/ her life as an adult. That being the case, it is in his/ her best interest to learn how to work with and for adults. Having an after-school job forces your child to deal with adults in the work world and how to develop the skills necessary to cope with the conflicts that may arise because of this situation.


How to See Value in Every Job

Your child may work in an office building or a school cleaning up after everyone. Janitorial jobs are one example of this type of job. In these cases, it’s easy for these workers to develop a sense of disconnect. After all, they don’t usually see the people their job serves. However, as the Mailender website points out, these types of services are noticed by their clients’ clients. This, in turn, helps their clients look good to the people that they serve. It is important for kids to understand that even if they don’t directly see the value in what they do, it is still possible to be of service to people. Therefore, they should learn to look at doing a good job as its own reward.


Working a job brings a great deal of value to a person’s life. For the teen working a job, it provides money, self-esteem, and vital skills for the future. If your child works an after-school job, what benefits has he/she gotten from it? Leave your comments below.

Hannah Whittenly

This article was contributed by freelance writer and independent blogger Hannah Whittenly.