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5 Reasons Why College Freshmen Should Join a Sorority

If you’ve watched such movies as Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, or even Legally Blonde, you’ve probably got a very misguided view of sororities. After all, these and plenty of other movies often depict sororities and those who belong to them as being interested in nothing but fun, games, and non-stop parties. However, while all sororities have plenty of fun and even a party now and then, the truth is they are very philanthropic organizations concerned with making the world a better place. In fact, it is very common to find sororities involved in numerous volunteer and fundraising efforts in almost all communities across the United States. And in addition to their community work, they also focus heavily on empowering women to become successful in their professional lives, often establishing relationships that last a lifetime. If you’re a college freshman and wondering if you should join a sorority, here are five great reasons to do so.


A Quick Way to Make Quality Friends

For college freshmen, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is making friends once they arrive on campus. With thousands of new people and a large campus that finds you getting lost at every turn, making great friends is a top priority. While you can take your chances by hanging around the bookstore, talking to classmates, or attending a party now and then, one of the best ways to assure you’ll meet quality people is by joining a sorority. By joining these organizations, freshmen quickly find their sorority sisters become like family, and are always there for them if problems arise. And along with this, everyone can wear great-looking sorority clothing like custom sorority shirts and other Greek apparel around campus, letting everyone know they’ve just joined the best group on campus.


A Lifetime of Networking

When you join a sorority, you’ve got friends not just while you’re in school, but for a lifetime. Whether it’s 20 years, 30 years or even more, sorority sisters are always known for having an extensive professional network. No matter where life takes you after school, chances are you’ll be able to find a sorority sister or two near you who are eager to help you achieve whatever goals you’ve got for your career. And in addition to helping with your career goals, you’ll likely have sorority sisters from years past that will be part of other special times in your life. In fact, many weddings include sorority sisters in the wedding party, since they’ve been your best friends for decades.


Greater Access to Industries and Organizations

Since you’ll be involved in plenty of volunteer and fundraising efforts once you’re a sorority sister, expect to have greater access to various industries and organizations within your community. In addition to being able to help others throughout the year, chances are you’ll start meeting plenty of important people as well. In doing so, you may be able to use these connections in the future to help you succeed in your career. By working together with your sorority sisters while wearing your stylish sorority clothing, you’ll be able to proudly wear you custom sorority shirts while speaking with executives and other prominent people who may be able to lend a helping hand in the future.


Character Development

By joining a sorority, you’ll not only make great lifelong friends but also develop many important character traits along the way. Learning the importance of keeping your word and meeting deadlines, planning special events, and being accountable for your actions are just some of the things sorority sisters learn during their college stay. And remember, since you’re a freshman and many of your sorority sisters will be juniors or seniors, they have more life experience and can help you deal with situations that may be problematic. Whether it’s breaking up with a significant other or overcoming some bad grades in a tough class, sorority sisters are always able to give sound advice on a variety of topics.



In many sororities, freshmen inductees are often assigned a “Big Sister” who acts as a mentor and friend. Along with helping you learn the ways of the sorority, she is always there to answer your questions and provide reassurance if times get tough. Eventually, you’ll find yourself becoming a “Big Sister” to yet another freshman who arrives on campus. When you do, you’ll be able to draw on your experiences and help continue the tradition of loyalty among sorority sisters.

Once you join a sorority, you can proudly walk around campus wearing your Greek apparel, knowing everyone you meet realizes you are part of the best sorority at school. By taking full advantage of the endless array of opportunities you’ll have, you will discover that joining a sorority as a freshman was the best decision you could make.

Emma Olivia

Emma Olivia is an architecture graduate with an advanced post graduation in psychology. She has a hands-on experience in the home improvement and décor industry of over 10 years. She wants to impart her well earned knowledge to a larger audience by medium of blogs and articles.