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Workplace Safety: How Business Owners Can Cultivate a Culture of Caution

As business owners, it is important that we always make our employees feel safe and secure. Workplace accidents can also be very costly and can take star employees away from their jobs for long periods of time. It is in the best interest of every company to have procedures and rules in place to help prevent any type of mishap or accident.


Invest in Safety Equipment

Purchase safety equipment that will assist employees. This equipment can include yellow or orange reflector vests, slippery floor signs, other pertinent signage, first aid kits, and more. Make these easily accessible to all employees, and be very sure all employees know where these are located, so they can find them quickly and easily in case of an incident.


Hold Safety Meetings

Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly safety meetings may help keep accidents at bay. These meetings can be held by trained safety instructors. Often insurance companies will assist with scheduling these, as the sessions will help keep insurance claims to a minimum. Specific topics that can be addressed include slips and falls, fire safety, lifting procedures, and more.


Form a Safety Committee

In addition to the safety meetings, a committee formed of employees from all the various departments of the business can meet periodically and be given the authority to find and report safety issues and infractions. This will give employees a feeling of ownership and responsibility in helping their employers, co-workers, and themselves in keeping the business accident free.


React to Safety Issues Promptly

When there is a safety issue, management should react swiftly to rectify it. If a ramp has become slippery from grease or other substances, it should be closed down until the situation is rectified. If a piece of equipment is broken, no one should be allowed to operate it until it is repaired.


Train Employees Thoroughly

Do not allow any employees to operate any machinery or equipment until they have been completely schooled on it. Lack of experience and expertise is one of the biggest causes of workplace accidents and incidents. Enroll employees in courses such as the specialized classes at the Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre, so they will be licensed and completely familiar with the equipment they are expected to operate. Send them to refresher courses as licenses expire, the need arises, or the equipment operation changes.


Keeping your business accident-free can be quite a challenge, but it is necessary to create a safe environment for not just employees but also vendors, customers, and anyone else who is on the company property.


Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.