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Business Owners: Understanding Why You are Responsible for Your Injured Employees

Workers’ compensation laws affect how workers and employers get along on all levels. Most employees expect their employers to take responsibility for injuries before and after they occur. However, some employers rather point the blame at their workers first and try to reduce injury claims. As an employer, know the laws that protect employees’ rights long before you handle any claim. Maintain the integrity of your business when you know the laws and deal with your injured employees carefully.


Employees Trust Employers

Employees have a high level of trust and loyalty for their employers. As the employer, you are expected to be more responsible and concerned about the safety rules of the company. You are obligated to prevent accidents in the workplace by teaching safety rules and hiring competent, safety-conscious workers. After an accident occurs, you are responsible for knowing which steps to take next.


Employers Have the First Level of Responsibility

Most employers follow workers’ comp laws to show respect for their employees and the law. Good employers feel responsible for injuries caused to employees and look for ways to prevent future accidents. For every mishap that occurs, as the employer, you look for ways to prevent a similar one from occurring.


Knowing the Law is Your Responsibility

Understanding business laws is your obligation as a business owner. Starting a business requires you to follow several laws that involve workers’ compensation insurance and the protection of employees’ rights. Many laws are written in favor of the business owners, so it’s important to learn about your protections under the law.

Hiring a lawyer is one solution to understand the laws; however, when an injury claim comes out, the employer is the first person responsible for handling it and not the lawyer. The lawyer should be used mainly to clarify the law and suggest ways to handle a claim.

You need legal representatives like those at Emroch & Kilduff who understand workers ‘comp well enough to help you with injured employees. Lawyers know that employers cannot deny the law and claim that they are not responsible. Lawyers are more successful at winning cases over employers and insurers that try to subvert the system.


Business owners must deal with the consequences of trying to be right all the time. Even if they feel that they are right and did not contribute to their employees’ injuries, they can still be sued in high-profile lawsuits. Business owners do not win if the courts are more sympathetic to the employees’ plight. Understanding the laws about liability and workers’ compensation is the first and most important step of running a business.


Lizzie Weakley

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