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Brick and Mortar Business: How to Keep Your Company Secure

Everybody is talking about cyber security and how it is important to protect data and other digital resources. But what about physical security to secure your business from thieves and burglars? Have you ever thought about what will happen if someone gets into your company building and carts away valuable items? As a business owner, you have the responsibility to maintain a sense of total security, and ensure you protect your valuables at all costs.


Eyes on the Growth

Thieves and burglars may strike at the most unexpected time. You need to have eyes on the ground at all times, in the form of CCTV security cameras, to serve as a deterrent and to alert security operatives in the event of an intrusion. The cameras have a complete record of events, make a business profitable, and can even reduce insurance premiums.


Store Important Documents in Locked Cabinet

Many businesses still create physical files of transaction records and other documents which are very sensitive. If you are one of them, you should endeavor to always store such documents in locked cabinets in case of a fire, burglary, or attack. Do what you have to do to make sure your most valuable documents and business secrets are not at risk of being breached by intruders.


Install Security Doors, Barriers, and Fences

The big idea here is to make it as hard as possible for anyone to break into your office premises physically. You can do this by installing high quality and secured fences, security doors, fly doors, fly screens, and other accessories. You can choose either hinged, stacking, or sliding doors, fiberglass/stainless steel flywire doors, and security screens. You should also install Bonds Security Products like patio enclosure screen to keep insects and burglars at bay. Pool regulation doors can also help to keep the kids safe.


Let There Be Light

Outdoor security lights should be an essential part of any strategy to keep your business secure. Lights deter intruders, illuminates the entire area for a better view, decreases critters, and not forgetting the aesthetics value it will have on the property. Lights also prevent unwanted accidents which may lead to security issues.

Your brick and mortar business needs as much attention as your online business. Make efforts to keep it safe and secure from burglars by installing lights, security doors, and CCTV cameras. Maintain a culture of consistent security awareness among your employees and security staff.


Lizzie Weakley

This article was brought to you by Lizzie Weakley, an independent writer and freelance blogger.