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Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog


You may think that feeding your pup some grapes is a sweet dessert for them to have. However, you don’t need to feed your dog a lot of grapes to make them sick. A small amount of grapes can create a massive impact in your dog’s body like causing kidney failure.

Milk Products

You may think that a warm blow of milk is a way to comfort your dog, but instead it actually causes irritation in their digestive system. With summer right around the corner you may feel more inclined to give your pup some ice cream, and milky treats but this can cause diarrhea for your dog and lots of irritability. Instead try giving them cold water, yogurt, or ice cubes to snack on.

Raw Meat/Fish

Never feed your dog raw meat or raw fish, the meat or fish could potentially contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning within your dog’s digestive system. Your dog could possibly experience vomiting, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes. If you want to feed your dog meat or fish, thoroughly cook the fish or meat to kill the parasites.


Eating too much salt can be very harmful to your dog. Salt can make your dog very dehydrated which could lead them to experience sodium ion poisoning. Too much salt in your dog’s diet can cause sickly symptoms that include vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high temperature, and seizures. Too much salt can even cause death amongst dogs.

Macadamia nuts

Like chocolate, macadamia nuts  are one of the most poisonous foods that you can give to your dogs. These nuts can cause immense vomiting, inability to walk, lethargy, and vomiting. One of the worst side effects of macadamia nuts is that they can affect your dog’s nervous system. So try feeding your dogs peanut butter or cashews that are unsalted.


Melody Olmos

Melody Olmos is a student at the University of Houston - Downtown and is currently a marketing intern at Greensheet Media. She enjoys playing with animals, listening to podcasts, attending social events, as well as traveling.