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5 Outdoor Activities to Do with Your Pooch

We are well into the season of Spring and the weather is beautiful. The time has come for us and our pets to come out of hibernation and enjoy the pleasant air, the bright colors of nature, the sweet aromas of budding flowers and the longer days. After all, dogs are just like humans in that we need to bond with them so that they can live good, long, healthy lives. Here is a list of five outdoor activities that you can do with your dog.


1. Outdoor Games


You can never go wrong with a good game of fetch, the gold standard of games to play with your dog. It’s good for him to hustle back and forth to release all that pent-up energy and it’s easy for you occasionally to give his ball or Frisbee a toss; simple but effective. You could also play tug-of-war with him or whatever game he likes playing.


2. Visiting a Forest Park

Dog parks and wilderness parks nearby are some of the best places to take your dog. In the wilderness, a dog is in his element. If permitted (or if you can get away with it), unleash him and let him run free to explore, sniff out his points of interest or chase after woodland critters. A dog needs this but hardly ever gets the chance to do it. Make sure to keep an eye on him, though, and make sure that you can call him back.


3. Outdoor Bath


Yes, this can be a pain since your dog probably mistrusts the water, but it needs to be done. Your dog is bound to get into something foul. Besides, bathing your dog is messy business whether he’s docile enough to let you or no, so it’s best to keep it outdoors rather than in the bathtub where he will likely splash out gallons of water, possibly ruining your bathroom floor.


4. Camping

If you like camping, your dog will surely make a great companion. He’ll be easier to take care of than a human camping mate, and like #2, he’ll be free in his element.


5. Jogging


If you go out for a jog through your neighborhood, why leave your dog at home? He needs his exercise too after all. Put on your wireless headphones (to prevent the likelihood of thing things getting tangled) and have at it! He can help pace you.

Rachael Murphey

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