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Heart Health

Heartworm disease is a condition where parasitic worms live inside your dog’s pulmonary arteries. This condition may also affect the right side of the heart. It primarily affects dogs, but it can affect cats, foxes, ferrets, coyotes and sea lions …

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Whimsical and Welcoming

A home’s entryway acts as the first impression, and whether or not you care about impressing your guests, having a welcoming foyer can truly transform the tone of the entire home. Yes, you want guests to feel welcome and comfortable …

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Add a Little Hearth to Your Home

The old-fashioned fireplace has dramatically changed as a result of today’s technology. No matter where you live, a warm and cozy hearth appeals to nearly all our senses and has become a fundamental part of both modern and traditional interiors. …

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Envy of the Block

Having a beautiful yard can make owning a home more enjoyable and increase the value of a property. Neighbors will love spending time at your house when you have the best backyard in the neighborhood. 1. Start a Garden While …

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Got Home Improvements on Your Hands?

1. Make a Budget It’s tempting to guestimate the cost of needed repairs and then jump into doing them. Resist that temptation. Don’t risk finding yourself with several unfinished projects and no more money. First determine the total amount of …

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Keep it Clean

Most of us enjoy a clean house. On the other hand, few of us enjoy housecleaning. Since the latter cannot be avoided, at least not without objectionable consequences, it makes sense to clean efficiently and effectively. If you find that …

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